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It was actually a five minute debate for me to figure out what category to place Boston Market under.  Is it fast food, or is it a restaurant?

The foods they serve would make you think that it is a “restaurant”.  You can order a full rotisserie chicken with all of the sides you would get at a BBQ, but you get the food fast.

Boston Market considers themselves to be “fast casual”.

The first location of Boston Market was in Newton, MA.  The original name then was Boston Chicken.  This changed in 1995 when the company began a massive expansion.

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In 1998 it seemed as though the expansion wasn’t working and Boston Market claimed chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Two years later McDonald’s accidentally saved the corporation when they bought the company for the real estate that Boston Market owned.  They never imagined it would provide a profit from operating the stores.  So, McDonald’s continued to expand the new brand that they took ownership of until they sold off their ownership of Boston Market to Sun Capital Partners on August 27, 2007.

There are several ways to order food from Boston Market.  If you are dining in, you can order on the line at the store.  In a hurry to get home?  There is a drive-thru window at most locations.  They even implemented an online ordering system so you can just show up and pick up your order, hot and ready to go.

As if ordering online or by drive thru isn’t convenient enough Boston Market has grocery store items available to purchase for reheating at home.  Among these Boston Market Homestyle Meals (operated by H.J. Heinz) are sweet and sour chicken, chicken pot pie, chicken parmasen, meatloaf, and Swedish meat balls, to name a few.

Expired Boston Market Coupons

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