Brew Coffee Bean at Home Discount

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Cooking.com!

I have found that most people who have been able to taste both Starbucks and Coffee Bean coffee, wind up deciding that they love The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in comparison.

Coffee Bean is predominantly on the west coast of the United States.  I have known many people who have visited from out east that tried Coffee Bean and are now upset that they cannot get it back home.

I never thought before that you could just brew their coffee at home until a visitor emailed me the other day about it.  I do see Coffee Bean coffee grounds in the store all of the time around here, so why not get it online.

One of the cheapest deals I could find was from Cooking.com.  You can get most bags of coffee grounds from them for about $12.95 and right now they all come with a free bonus travel mug.
It is also available on Amazon for varying prices of $7.99-$15.99.

One other option that I’m looking into when I have a few extra dollars is the CBTL Pod Machine.  The CBTL Single Cup Brewer is a lot like the populer Keurig machines.  They use pods to create a delicious cup of coffee in just a few seconds.

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