Carl’s Jr. Amazing Grilled Cheese Coupon

Carl's Jr.Carl’s Jr. is doing a current promotion in connection with the upcoming Amazing Spiderman movie, set to come out July 3.

This printable coupon is for “The Amazing” Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger Large Combo.  Get it, Amazing Spiderman, Amazing Grilled Cheese?  Not really much of an exciting ad campaign, but you can get $1 off of the meal with this coupon.

The Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger is a charbroiled burger with 2 strips of bacon and melted American and Swiss cheese served between 2 grilled slices of grilled bread.

I assume this is a limited time sandwich, so if you are a fast food foodie, you might want to try this out before the movie is out of theaters and the sandwich is out of the restaurant.

Carl's Jr Grilled Cheese combo coupon




Haven’t seen the trailer yet for “The Amazing Spiderman” yet?  Check it out below.  Given it is a reboot of a movie less than 5 years old, but it still looks entertaining.


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