Chick Fil A Monthly Coupons – 2012 Calendar

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OK, so it is already more than halfway through the year before I’m finding this, but it is still worth sharing because there are plenty of discounts available throughout the rest of the year.  I’ll be sure to post a 2013 update as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

If you bought, or if you purchase a “Cow Calendar” at your local Chick Fil A, you will find coupons and offers available for entire months.  I’m not sure of the price, but I’m sure it cannot be that expensive.

Monthly Discounts at Chick Fil A with Calendar

January – FREE Chick fil-A Nuggets (8 count)

February – FREE small bowl of hearty breast of chicken soup

March – FREE Simply Orange Juice or Dasani Water bottle

April – FREE large Diet Coke

May – FREE Chick fil-A Chicken Biscuit OR Large Waffle Potato Fries

June – FREE large Coca-Cola Zero

July – FREE Hand Spun Milkshake

August – FREE Spicy Chicken Sandwich

September – FREE large Coca-Cola

October – FREE Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich

November – FREE Chick-n-Minis (3 count) or Yogurt Parfait

December – FREE large Sprite

I kind of wish I found this calendar earlier in the year.  It gives you a great opportunity to test out some different products and meals at Chick fil-A.

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