Chuck E Cheese Chore Calendar – 10 Free Tokens

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Chuck E Cheese Chores Calendar

Summer is here and kids are going to be around the house all of the time.  Is there a better time than now to get them to start doing their chores?

But kids hate doing their chores.  What is a good way to get them to clean their room, bring out the trash, etc?

You can get them the daily chores calendar for Chuck E Cheese.  It is a free printable calendar that you use to keep tabs on what chores your kids are doing.  In return for their hard work, they’ll get 10 free tokens to Chuck E Cheese.  This is some major incentive for kids.

Just have your kids do their chores and sign off on them each day.  These calendars are for 2 weeks worth of chores so it can help instill some work ethic over time and teach the children about the value behind working for what they want.

After the printable certificate if filled out, you can take it in to any participating Chuck E Cheese to redeem it for free tokens.

There are plenty of other calendars available like this including table manners, good eater, potty perfect, and terrific teeth to name a few.  Click here to find all of the current Chuck E Cheese reward calendars.

No more than 1 of any free token offer can be used per child, per day.

Food purchase is required.

Offer Expires 12/31/12.

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