Chuck E Cheese Reading Rewards

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Being as it is summer time, there is a good chance most children haven’t picked up a book in months.  The only stories most kids are being told right now come through their TVs.

How do you get a child to read a book during the summer?

Try a little incentive like FREE Chuck E Cheese tokens.

The Chuck E Cheese website has an array of printable rewards calendars to get kids to do certain things like brush their teeth, read a book, or clean their room.

The calendar below is a two week calendar that your child can check off to earn 10 tokens at Chuck E Cheese.

Bring in the completed calendar and your child can redeem it for 10 tokens, with the purchase of a meal.

There is no expiration date on the calendar special.  To find more of these deals, click here.

Chuck E Cheese Reading Rewards

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