Coffee Bean Coupon Code – 2012, March

Ok, this isn’t exactly a coupon for Coffee Bean to use in stores, but it will save you money to get you Coffee Bean coffee at home.  No need to print any coupons out since this is a coupon code that you can use on the website.

Today I got an email offering a Coffee Bean coupon code that gets you 25% off of almost anything from the Coffee Bean website or the CBTL website.

You can save on various products from the CBTL machine (Keurig alternative), beverage capsules (k-cup alternatives), and other gifts and accessories that are great for any coffee lover. I just used my 25% off on a case of the Italian roast beverage capsules.  I cannot wait for that to arrive.

Keurig AlternativeFans of Keurig machines might like this coupon.  CBTL has a Keurig machine alternative that brews single cups of Coffee Bean brand coffee.

I like this because Coffee Bean is by far my favorite coffee place, and it would be nice to get their coffee made in my kitchen nice and easily.

Coupon code is: LUCKY.  The Coffee Bean Coupon Code expires at midnight on March 31.

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