Cow Appreciation Day – Chick Fil A – Free Meal

Chick Fil A is getting good at sending out some fun promotions and advertisements lately.

Right now they are advertising the “Cow Appreciation Day” at Chick fil A.

Cow Appreciation Day lands on Friday, July 13 this year.

What is Cow Appreciation Day?

Chick fil A has had a promotional campaign going on where they tell customers to “save cows” by eating at Chick fil A.  Cows are saved becasue…Chick fil A only sells chicken.  Get it?

How to Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

This Friday, head into any Chick fil A restaurant dressed as a cow from head to toe and you’ll get a free meal.  Well, they want you to dress head to toe, but you can wear something small that represents a cow.

Free Chick fil A Meal

They aren’t announcing what meal it is, or at least I cannot find it.  But, I assume its the regular chicken sandwich meal which is totally worth dressing up like a cow for.

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