Denny’s Discounts

Denny’s always has some kind of discount going on, whether it is fully advertised, in a coupon form, or just a cheap meal.

There are three specials that go on year round that many people don’t know about.

Free Grand Slam

If you are the birthday boy or birthday girl, you can get a free grand slam at any Denny’s location.  Let your server know when you start your meal that it is your birthday and ask how to get a free Grand Slam meal.

Kids Eat Free

Participating locations let you bring your kids in to eat for free at Denny’s.  This is usually between the hours of 4PM and 10PM on varying days.  Call your location or ask your server for more details.  There is a limited menu for free kids meals at Denny’s.

AARP Discounts

Seniors get a special discount at Denny’s every day.  Present your AARP card to the server and you will get 20% off of your total bill between 4Pm and 10PM everyday.  Also, AARP members and their guests can get coffee for only $1 all day, every day.

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