Free Pizza Chuck E Cheese Coupon

There are only a couple of days left to claim this coupon, but it is Memorial Day weekend, so I assume plenty of parents will be taking their kids to Chuck E Cheese for the long weekend.

At Chuck E Cheese there are really just two things you need to make your children happy…pizza…and tokens.

Free Pizza Coupon - Chuck E Cheese

This Chuck E Cheese coupon will get you a Free pizza with the purchase of 100 tokens.  Tokens are only 25 cents each, so $25 will get you both a free pizza and a decent amount of playing time for your kids.

The coupon expires on May 30, so you will have the remainder of this weekend, Memorial Day, and a couple of extra days to cash in on this deal.

This printable Chuck E Cheese coupon is valid only in participating stores in the United States, excluding Hawaii.

Have fun!  And have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!


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