IHOP Coupon – Free meal or 20% off – Limited Time

Usually we do not have the time to take down old discounts and coupons.  If this deal is expired and you are looking for a new current IHOP coupon, please CLICK HERE for up to date deals.

FREE Meal coupon for IHOP

I just got this deal in an email today that looks like a great discount.  The details are kind of vague though, so you may want to call your local IHOP to find out some more.  You can find your local IHOP by clicking here and putting in your zip code near the top right of the screen where it says “FIND AN IHOP”.

The email says that this is “for a limited time” only.  But, every coupon is for a limited time.  They don’t have an expiration date on it, so you should definitely call ahead to see if the deal is going on.

This email also came with a message at the bottom saying that my location is the Santa Monica, CA location (90089).  Again, you might want to call to make sure that this isn’t just a local deal.

IHOP Coupon Details

Buy one meal and get one meal FREE.  This can be Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.

You can also use the discount to get 20% off of your meal.  Do the math and see which deal with get you the biggest discount.  I imagine if you go with a larger party, taking 20% off might be the best option.

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