IHOP Coupons for 2012

IHOP Coupons

Because 99% of all IHOP locations are franchises, most coupons for IHOP will be for individual locations.  Some will have discounts while some will not.  Also, they have national discounts, coupons, and promotions being run on occasion which I will provide.

IHOP At Home Coupons – 2012

IHOP Weekday Classic – $4.99

IHOP Coupon – Free meal or 20% off – Limited Time

Limited Time IHOP $7 Meals

IHOP Free Rooty Tooty Coupon – Ongoing

IHOP San Bernadino Coupons

IHOP Company Information

IHOP is the short way of saying the International House of Pancakes.  The IHOP company has grown from a single location in California to being an actual international giant with over 1,500 restaurants.  The restaurants span all 50 states in the United States, as well as international locations in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Originally this was intended to be a pancake and pancake type only restuarant, but over the years the business model has changed and you can now order lunch and dinner menu items at all IHOP locations worldwide.  99% of all IHOP locations are franchise owned and operated.  The parent company is DineEquity who also owns Applebee’s restaurants.

IHOP History

The first location in the history of IHOP was at 4301 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California.  The location was just outside of the area of most of the major Hollywood Studios.  It opened up this restaurant in July of 1958 when the Los Angeles region was booming.  This location was referred to as “The International House of Pancakes”.  The acronym wasn’t widely used until years later.

The original concept called for pancakes and similar foods like blintzes and crepes from different regions around the world.  This is how the name “International” House of Pancakes came about.  They became well known for the variety of different flavor of syrups offered at the restaurant.

The growth of IHOP came extremely fast.  By 1960, just 2 years after opening the first International House of Pancakes, the owners began expanding with franchised locations.  Just a year later they became a publicly traded company under the name International House of Pancakes.

Then 3 years later, only 8 years old, they formed International Industries as the company began acquiring many franchised brands.  Some of these brands included Orange Julius, Love’s Wood Pit Barbecue, Golden Cup Coffee Shops, The Original House of Pies, and Wil Wright’s Ice Cream Shoppes.  Of course, the most successful brand they had was IHOP.

Then in 2007 after a lot of debate, IHOP made their biggest acquisition.  IHOP made an all cash buyout of Applebee’s from stockholders for $2.1 billion.  The new umbrella company DineEquity was formed.

IHOP Menu Items

The IHOP menu has grown from just pancakes and pancake type dishes to include many other fixtures for other meals and specials.  Breakfasts can include a variety of pancake options (obviously), crepes (sweet or savory), eggs, french toast, omelets, or a combination of the above.  Lunch and dinner menu items have been added with the majority of the meals appearing to be very diner-like in nature.  You can order burgers, soups, salads or sandwiches.  Hearty dinners were added for those with a bigger appetite and looking for meals like T-Bone Steaks, Grilled Tilapia Hollandaise, or Thick-Cut Bone-In Ham Dinner.

IHOP Corporate Information and Financials

IHOP’s corporate headquarters are based out of Glendale, California.  They currently employ well over 32,000 people internationally.  The stocks for this company are traded under DineEquity (DIN).

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