KFC Coupon – 30 Piece Hot Wings – exp 8/26/12

The coupon below is one of several August 2012 KFC printable coupons.  If it is beyond August 26 and the coupon is expired, please CLICK HERE to find more KFC coupons that are up to date.  You’ll also find some more variety by looking there now.

This coupon is only good at participating zip codes.  To double check your zip code you can go here and run a quick search for free local KFC coupons.  The coupon expires on August 26, 2012

August 2012 KFC coupon - 30 Piece Hot WingsCOUPON INFORMATION:

What you get:

30 Hot Wings Pieces – $14.99

How to get it:

Bring the coupon into a participating KFC location before August 26, 2012

About KFC Hot Wings – Meaty chicken wings that are marinated in chili peppers and spices on the inside, keeping the outside crispy, crunchy and sauceless. Every bite starts crunchy and finishes spicy.

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