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Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known lately as KFC, has been one of the most well known fried chicken fast food restaurants in the world.  Yes, the world.  KFC has made it into international homes and is the favorite fried chicken among many of our international friends.

What started out as a single KFC outlet in 1952, became a company with 600+ franchised storefronts by 1960.  Yes, Colonel Sanders was a real man.  And yes, Colonel Sanders was the infamous man behind the secret recipe and the immediate success of KFC.

Today Kentucky Fried Chicken is a household name.  The company has a presence in over 110 different countries and is still growing.  They have even made adjustments to their menu in some parts of the world, offering more than just chicken to their loyal customers.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC’s is most popular for the delicious fried chicken that they make.  There is a good chance you stumbled upon this site looking for a KFC coupon for a bucket of chicken as it is the favorite of most people.

KFC coupons are available in so many places offering amazing deals every day.

You are probably delivered coupons for KFC every week and not even realize it.  You might even still have some posted to your refrigerator by a magnet that you may have forgotten about.  Go ahead and check for it, I’ll wait.

OK, so there was no coupon on your fridge?  There are plenty of other places to look.  Check your “junk mail”.  Kentucky Fried Chicken mails out sheets of coupons all of the time to residents living within a driving distance of their restaurants.

You can also find these coupon sheets for KFC in your Sunday newspaper.  Pull out the sales section and look around for the packet of coupons.  There is a decent chance that you’ll find a discounted bucket of chicken or some cheap honey BBQ wings.

Then we have printablecoupons2012.com!  Did you think I wasn’t going to mention that we KFC Grilled Chicken Bucketsearch the web EVERYDAY for restaurant coupons?  That includes fast food coupons as well, like KFC coupons!

I do a morning and afternoon search everyday on Google, Twitter, social coupon sites, etc. to try and find the best printable restaurant coupons.  If you find any that I may have missed, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send an email via the contact page at the top of the screen.  There is always the off chance that I might miss something.

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