KFC Coupons – July 2012

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The discounts at some KFC restaurants are different so you may want to go here to look for your local coupons.

These coupons below were searched for zip code 90046 and are good for most of California and other places throughout the country.

All of the coupons below expire on July 29, 2012.

Coupon 1 – $5.29

The first coupon is good for a 3 piece drumstick and thighs meal.  Along with 3 pieces of chicken, you also get a choice of 2 individual sides and a buttermilk biscuit.

KFC Coupon - July 2012 3 piece Chicken

Coupon 2 – $14.99

This deal is simple.  Get 30 hot wings pieces for $14.99.

KFC Coupon July 2012 - Hot Wings

Coupon 3 – $4.99

This discount gets you a crispy strips meal.  What comes with that is 3 extra crispy strips, a choice of 2 individual sides, and 1 buttermilk biscuit.

KFC Coupon - July 2012 - Crispy Strips

Coupon 4 – $4.99

I never heard of the 450 calorie combo until now.  A low calorie KFC meal is a pretty amazing thing.  Use this coupon to get the 450 calorie combo for $4.99.  The meal comes with 2 pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken, 1 individual steamed veggie medley, 1 individual mashed potatoes an gravy, and one medium diet Pepsi.

KFC Coupon - July 2012 - 450 Calorie Combo

Coupon 5 – $15.99

This meal will feed your family.  Get 8 pieces of chicken (Original recipe, Kentucky Grilled Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Mixed), 1 large mashed potatoes and gravy, 1 large coleslaw, and 4 buttermilk biscuits.

KFC Coupon - July 2012 - 8 Piece Fried Chicken

Coupon 6 – $20,00

This is for a family that wants nothing but chicken.  $20 gets you a 20 piece holiday party bucket of whatever fried chicken recipe you’d like form KFC.

KFC Coupon - July 2012 Holiday Party Bucket

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