Little Caesars Coupons – May 2012

I really don’t feel that you need a Little Caesars printable coupon to get a cheap meal when you order pizza from them.  The prices are already insanely low, so you are saving money by paying full price over ordering from any other location like Papa John’s or Pizza Hut.

With that being said, I still came across Little Caesars coupons for this month to save a little more cash or to try a new item on the menu for a low price.

Little Caesars Crazy Combo Coupon

Where else can you get food for $1.99 at a pizza place?  Especially a corporate one?

Well, Little Caesars has the coupon below that will get you the Crazy Combo for only $1.99.   A “Crazy Combo” gets you both Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce for about $2 with the coupon.  I have never tried this crazy bread, so please leave some comments to let me know how it is.

Little Caesars Crazy Bread Coupon

Hot-N-Ready Pizza for $5 or $8

This is more of a great deal than a pizza coupon.  Little Caesars is still selling their Hot-N-Ready large pizzas for just $5.  If you’d like to add 3 meats, the price goes up to $8.  You can basically get 3 Little Caesars pizzas for the price of one Papa John’s pizza by using this deal.

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