National Shrimp Day

Happy National Shrimp Day!

Yes, there is a holiday to celebrate all things shrimp.  And that day, well its today!

There is definitely one place that you should go to celebrate National Shrimp Day while saving some money.

Red Lobsters Shrimp

They specialize in lobster, but man do they make some great shrimp meals.  And, it just so happens that they are in the middle of the Festival of Shrimp campaign.

Red Lobster has 9 different shrimp inspired recipes.  During the Festival of Shrimp, you can mix and match any two for just $12.99.

Hungrier than that?  Well you can add one more of the shrimp entrees and the price only goes up to $17.99.

Entrees include:

Do you need anymore reason to go celebrate National Shrimp Day at Red Lobster?

How about a delicious Lobsterita to wash down your dinner.

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