Olive Garden – Free Appetizer or Dessert – exp. 5/27

Olive GardenHave you had a chance to sample the dessert menu at The Olive Garden yet?  Most people find themselves pretty stuffed after finishing a meal at an Olive Garden and don’t get a chance to try the dessert because they don’t want to waste any money on something that they will only try a few bites of.

This Olive Garden coupon should give plenty of people a chance to try some of Olive Garden’s desserts or appetizers now.

In order to qualify for this coupon’s deal, you must purchase at least 2 entrees at full price. You can then redeem it for a FREE dessert or appetizer up to a $9.00 value.

Olive Garden coupon for free appetizer or dessert

There are no limitations on where you can use the coupon. It is accepted at any Olive Garden in the United States or Canada.
This coupon expires on May 27th.

Right now you can also enjoy Olive Garden’s special menu consisting of the “Taste of Tuscany”.  During this promotion, there is also a sweepstakes to win a trip to Tuscany for 8 days courtesy of Olive Garden.

The Taste of Tuscany consists of 2 limited time entrees and 4 different extras. Entrees include the Taste of Tuscany with Chicken and the Taste of Tuscany with Sausage.  Extras include Alfredo Bruschetta, Tomato basil and feta bruschetta, fresh spinach, and roasted asparagus.

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