P.F Chang’s Coupons 2012

P.F. Chang’s Lunch special – 20 combos under $10

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro is easily noticed by the interesting entrances that they have out in front of all of their restaurants.  You begin your dining experience by walking by their signature horse statues while entering this magnificently decorated American-Asian restaurant.  The horse symbolizes the original Forbidden City in China.  This city was built for Qin Shi Huangdi, China’s first emperor.

Going inside now, you may have noticed the unique and elaborate decorations filling the restaurant.  P.F. Chang’s spares no expense when it comes to creating a memorable experience in their restaurants.  There are panoramic hand-painted murals of 12th century China visible in every dining room to give you a real feel of the Chinese background that P.F. Chang’s is offering.

P.F. Chang'sThe original P.F. Chang’s concept started in 1993 by Chef Paul Fleming and business partner Philip Chiang.  The name of the company takes Paul’s initials and a simplified version of Chiang’s last name.

In a short time, they have grown the company to having more than 200 locations world wide.  There are currently locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines, Kuwait City, and Dubai in United Arab Emirates.

P.F. Chang’s Coupons

I joined the Warrior Rewards program today.  This should be sending me some printable P.F. Chang’s coupons soon.  In the meantime, I should mention some of the regular specials that they have to offer at P.F. Chang’s restaurants.

First off, there is a happy hour everyday Monday-Friday.  There is a unique spin to P.F. Chang’s happy hours. They call it the P.F. Chang’s Triple Happiness Dim Sum Street Fair Happy Hours.

The Triple Happiness Happy Hours run from 3:00pm-6:00pm.  The specials are available at the bar, on the patio, and in the dining room.  There is a special menu with drink specials, dim sum, and “street fare”.  Drinks include beer, wine, sake, and specialty cocktails like the Dragon Martini and Yuzo Ginger Mojito.

There is also a way to get some free food that isn’t in the form of a printable P.F. Chang’s coupon.  I mentioned earlier that I signed up for the Warrior Rewards program on the P.F. Chang’s website.  This is free to sign up to by the way.  Once you sign up, they will send you a welcome email offering you a free order of lettuce wraps.  There is no coupon to print as it will be automatically added to your P.F. Chang’s Warrior Rewards account.

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