Pizza Hut Carry Out Coupon – 2012, April

I love my Pizza Hut coupons email list.  Without it I wouldn’t be eating one of these pizzas right now.  Well I might be, but I would have been paying a little more without this coupon for Pizza Hut pizza.

There are two current Pizza Hut specials going on right now for $10 that I have been made aware of.

The first Pizza Hut pizza coupon is available for carry out only.  With this coupon, you can order any sized pizza with any toppings and only pay $10.  Yes, you have to actually pick it up yourself, but it is totally worth it.

Pizza Hut $10 any size carry our coupon

The 2nd $10 Pizza Hut special gets you a dinner box.  I actually never heard of the Pizza Hut dinner box before tonight, but it sounds like a phenomenal deal.  Use this Pizza Hut coupon to get one of these boxes for $10.  Inside the box you get:

  • 1 Medium, Pan-style, one topping pizza
  • 1 Order of Breadsticks or Cheesesticks with Marinara Sauce (extra charge for cheesesticks)
  • 1 Order of Cinnamon Sticks
No need to print these Pizza Hut coupons as you can use them right on the website to make an order.  

Pizza Hut $10 pizza box

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