Pizza Hut Coupon – Tuscani Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, well the time of the writing it is.  If you are reading this on another day, you might want to hold out on your pasta night with Pizza Hut for a few days.

Tuesdays at Pizza Hut are known as “Tuscani Tuesdays”.

Tuscani Tuesday is a night to enjoy pasta at Pizza Hut.  You can get two different meals for a low price.

The Pizza Hut coupon works for family sized meals or for a party of two.

For $6 you get to choose between one pan of Meaty Marinara or Creamy Chicken Alfredo.  This special comes with 5 breadsticks.

Or, for $10 you can choose the Tuscani Tuesdays family size meal.  $10 gets you 2 pans of meaty marinara or creamy chicken Alfredo.  This also comes with 5 breadsticks.

Both of these Pizza Hut discounts are available every Tuesday for a limited time.  Currently, all you need to do to redeem this special is click the deals portion of the Pizza Hut website and choose the Tuscani Tuesdays special.


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