Red Lobster – Festival of Shrimp

Red Lobster has been creating special recipes and deals for a variety of seafood meals.  They have had amazing limited time specials before like Lobster Fest and All You Can Eat Crab Legs.

Now, they are doing a special revolved around shrimp entrees.  They call this, The Festival of Shrimp.

What is the festival of shrimp?

This is one of those special combo meals that lets you sample a variety of recipes for an affordable price.  All of these recipes are shrimp based with their own special tweaks added to give some variety.

Red Lobster has created 9 different shrimp entrees for you to choose from and make a meal out of.

This Red Lobster special lets you take any 2 of the shrimp entrees for $12.99, or if you are hungrier, you can opt to get 3 entrees for just $17.99.

They encourage you to mix and match your meals.  If you go with a party of 3, you can sample all 9 of these shrimp entrees at Red Lobster.

These are the shrimp entrees that you get to mix and match during the Festival of Shrimp:

If you are a shrimp lover, you should head down to Red Lobster this weekend.  This only a limited time offer and worth checking out.

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