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Sbarro might be one of the most overlooked Pizza chains in the country.  They provide quality ingredients and delicious pizzas and pastas to all of their dine in and take out.
I can’t think of any other national pizza chain that sells “pizza by the slice” the way Sbarro does.  Most mom n’ pop style pizza places will sell pizza both as a pizza pie and also as pizza customers.

by the slice.  The leaders like Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars Pizza all sell pizza simply by the pie.

Sbarro also has a variety of Italian specialties available at all of their 1,000 plus locations.  You can get a plate of fresh spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, baked ziti, or Penne alla Vodka at most locations.

The Sbarro concept was created with their first mall location in Brooklyn’s Kings Plaza
Shopping Center.  They found a niche available for quick service Italian food that they have duplicated around the country.

Now, you can find Sbarro locations in shopping malls, department stores, college campuses, airports, service areas, and movie theaters.

There are also two other brands that operate under the Sbarro company.  These are Mama Sbarros and Carmela’s of Brooklyn.

Mama Sbarros is a dine in restaurant that offers quality home-made Italian dishes.  Come in for appetizers, pasta, salad, pizza, specialty pizzas, and their famous New York style cheesecake.

Carmela’s of Brooklyn, correct me if I’m wrong, seems to be the mom n’ pop type stores that the Sbarro corporation holds onto in Florida.  There are locations in Longwood and Orlando.  You can get brick oven pizza or other traditional Italian cuisine meals.



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  1. I need coupons for sbarro pizza

    1. Sbarro doesn’t have any current coupons running, but I’ll add them to the site as soon as they show up.

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