Sizzler Coupons 2012

Sizzler Summer Specials 2012

Sizzler Ultimate Value Menu – Limited Time

Sizzler coupon for free entree – Ongoing

Sizzler printable coupons can help you save some money on the already well priced offerings at Sizzler restaurants.

Sizzler restaurants have been around since January 27, 1958.  The first restaurant opened in Culver City, California.  Back then it was known as Sizzler Family Steak House.  Sizzler focused on providing inexpensive steak dinners for family.  Back in 1958 you could order a steak dinner from Sizzler for a mere $1.19.  I unfortunately can not promise any free Sizzler coupons that can get you that amazing price anymore.

Sizzler restaurants are independently owned and operated, therefore there are different coupons available at all of their locations.  Some Sizzlers will offer discounted steak meals while others will give our free drinks at the bar or coupons for the buffet.

Sizzler does however have a club that their customers can join to keep receiving up to date promotions and coupons for Sizzler.

This is called the E club.

Sizzler SteakhouseYou can join the E club on the Sizzler website simply by submitting your email address to the top of the page.  You’ll be sent emails whenever there is a nationally advertised special at all of the Sizzler locations.

Besides the E club, you can usually find printable Sizzler coupons throughout the web.  I try to keep an eye out for all of these coupons and bring the information back to this site to make a one stop shop for free printable restaurant coupons.


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