Starbucks Coupon for Free Tall Brewed Coffee

I found this Starbucks “coupon” today at work when I was making a pot of coffee for my coworkers to steal.

Some Starbucks ground coffee packages in my office had a little not at the top of the bag that said “Tall Brewed Coffee FREE“.  What am I doing brewing coffee here if I can get a free cup at the store?

Well, the bag wasn’t empty yet, so I felt bad dumping it just to satisfy my needs.

If you have one of these specially marked packages, you can bring the empty bag to a local Starbucks and trade it in for a free tall cup of coffee.

This Starbucks coffee coupon expires 30 days after the expiration date printed on the bag.  If the bag is expired, you might want to dump it anyways, and then go trade it in for a fresh cup of Starbucks professionally brewed coffee.

Starbucks Free Tall Coffee Coupon

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