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Texas Roadhouse AppTexas Roadhouse coupons have been extremely hard for me to pull for this site.  The reason, you have to subscribe to their email list to get coupons.

Now, normally signing up for a restaurant coupon email list will get you lots of great deals, but Texas Roadhouse makes you pick a local location.  That means I only get to find Texas Roadhouse coupons for one location per email address.

There are about 320 Texas Roadhouse locations, so I don’t exactly have the time to put together 320 fake email addresses for the sake of getting coupons for each individual site.  But, I found a way to get these coupons really easily.

Texas Roadhouse has an iPhone app that lets you connect to the store in your area to:

  • Texas Roadhouse DiscountFind the hours
  • Get directions
  • Call ahead
  • Find specials
  • Find “What’s Happenin'” (special events)
  • Join the eclub

I just downloaded the app and searched around a few locations to find what specials there were, and if they were the same among all of the stores of if each Texas Roadhouse had their own deals.

It looks like all of the locations are advertising the “Early Dine” Special.

This Texas Roadhouse special gets you any of the following entrees for $7.99 if you arrive before 6pm Monday-Thursday:

  • 6 oz. Sirloin Steak
  • 10 oz. Road Kill Chopped Steak
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken
  • Country Fried Chicken
  • Chicken Critters Dinner
  • Pulled Pork Dinner
  • Grilled Pork Chop (Single)
  • Chicken Caeser Salad
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Critter Salad

The locations I check were

  • Lancaster, PA
  • East Meadow NY,
  • Camden, DE
  • Matthews, NC
  • Fort Myers, FL (Opens in July)
  • Denton, TX
*You may want to either download the app or call your location to see if they have the same deal available.

To get the app, either log into the App Store and search “Texas Roadhouse” or click here.  The app is free and totally useful.

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