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Texas Roadhouse is a great western themed restaurant, with over 320 locations nationwide.  There are Texas Roadhouse restaurants in 46 states currently.

Random fact about Texas Roadhouse…they are actually headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and opened their first restaurant in Clarksville, Indiana.

Texas Roadhouse is known and remembered for their signature bucket of peanuts at every table.  This is a nice diversion from the usual breadbasket that most restaurants keep at the tables to occupy guests while they wait for their food.  Funny thing about the peanuts is the floor gets covered in peanut shells.  The guests kind of add to the scenery by making it seem like a more authentic western restaurant by tossing their peanut shells on the floor.

Texas RoadhouseWith over 320 locations and a solid fan base, a lot of people are surprised to find out that Texas Roadhouse has only been around since February of 1993.  Kent Taylor opened the first restaurant with a goal of having a family restaurant that is both a great steak restaurant as well as a place where people of all ages can go for a fun meal at at a great price.

Texas Roadhouse loves to put on a show for their guests so that they have a memorable visit every time.  Fun is built into the foundation of every Texas Roadhouse.  Staff members are trained to line dance, as they will line dance plenty during their shifts.  They even have authentic Jukeboxes available so you can pick your own music an revel in the western styles.

Texas Roadhouse Coupons

Texas Roadhouse was created with providing a great value to customers as one of their main priorities.  Without a coupon, you can already get a great high quality steak, ribs, etc. for a fairly competitive price.

But, this is a restaurant coupons site, so we will share some coupons for Texas Roadhouse restaurants with you.  Check the links to the right of the page or the top of this post for the most up to date coupons, promotions, and specials at Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

I am on the Texas Roadhouse email list, I check the coupon blogs, Texas Roadhouse Twitter, and have my “people” looking into Texas Roadhouse coupons all of the time.  If I do miss any however, please feel free to post a comment on my site or email me via the contact me page.

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