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Us is really a me to be honest.

My name is Mike and I’m running the Printable Restaurant Coupons 2012 website.

My situation is a lot like many others today.  I love to go out to eat, but it is just so expensive that I cannot bring myself to pay all of that money for each meal.

While in college I used my college ID to get me discounts at almost every bar and restaurant around my school.  It was a nice little perk that also came with an insane tuition.  Every single cent mattered then.

After school I went back to my Ramen diet since cooking takes too much time and skills plus going to restaurants is really expensive.

Then I started using Groupon and Living Social to go and get restaurant coupons for some pretty amazing deals.  Then I opened my eyes and realized that there are a lot of discounts available for any place that I’d want to go eat.

It was easy for me to find these deals, but I wondered why most other people I knew were having a hard time.  Maybe I have a gift with Google, I don’t know.  But I do have a little skill for finding great deals with restaurant coupons online.

So I put this site together to help out others who might need a little guidance to find these specials so that they can enjoy going out to eat in a restaurant without always having to worry about spending all of their money.

I do have a disclaimer though.  I do profit from my site thanks go the wonderful people of Google.  These ads on my site help me to pay for my upkeep and make it a little more worth my time.

The other thing I like is getting some comments from people thanking me.  I enjoy a little gratitude.  So please, feel free to leave some comments on my page exclaiming how great you think I am.  You’re welcome.

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