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Mannheim Steamroller Christmas – Las Vegas Tickets

Usually I just post about restaurant deals and discounts, but I have a great family friendly promotion that I’d like to share right now.

Mannheim Steamroller Christmas – Tickets From $70!

Ticket prices are a little higher than that if you don’t use the BestOfVegas discount that you can get from the link above.   The attached discount can save you 50% on select tickets.

 A couple of great prices include $61.50 for P1 seating (regular price is $161.35 and the discount on P3 seating which is $34 rather than the $89.99 regular price.

I believe that this is the first time that the Mannheim Steamroller group is performing their Christmas show in Las Vegas ever.  And who knows, it could be the last time.  So, if you are in Las Vegas this December, try not to miss out on this great opportunity to see an amazing show that will be great for a couple, a group, or a family.

The show is being performed for a limited 6 week engagement at the Palazzo Theater.  From what I hear, there is a great Vegas feel to this show with amazing showmanship and incredible light shows.  I wish I could make it out there to see it this year.

For an idea of what you might hear at one of these shows, check out the video below.  Truly an amazing performance.

Discounted tickets available here.  Avoid the full priced Ticketmaster options.

Please leave me a review below in the comments section if you get a chance to go.  I’d love to hear from my visitors how it was.

Jersey Boys Discount Tickets – Las Vegas

BestofVegas. Best Shows. Best Hotels. Best Prices.

I know, this isn’t a restaurant coupon, but it is a great discount that I want to share with all of my visitors who are planning a trip to Las Vegas soon and want to save some money.

See Jersey Boys Live in Las Vegas. Best Rates in Town – Book Today!

Jersey Boys has become one of the most popular acts in Las Vegas as of late.  If you are planning a trip to Vegas sometime soon, you do not want to miss out on seeing them.

Prices are kind of high though, so that is why you are here.

The normal prices for Jersey Boys in Las Vegas at the Paris Casino are (on most nights):

  • Mezzanine – Approx. $115-$190
  • Orchestra Center – Approx. $145-$250

My friends over at BestofVegas have a better offer for you all though!

You can get those Orchestra seats this summer for only $88.  That is well over $100 in savings per seat on most nights.

This is a summer only special, which runs up in August.  After that prices should be going back up to about $170 per ticket in the orchestra section.