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Papa John’s Pizza and Soda Promo Code – September 2012

We do have more Papa John’s discounts available that are updated as we find them.  Please go to the Papa John’s coupons section of the website to find the rest of the discounts available for Papa John’s Pizza.

This is a very short term offer.

You only have until the end of day on September 12 to use this discount.

Papa John’s Promo Code: T814LGFPX

Discount: Get Any Large Pizza * or Specialty Pizza and a Two Liter Beverage for just $11.99

This offer is available online only.

Free Papa John’s Pizza – Promo Code – September 2012

For more Papa John’s coupon codes click here.

In honor of the new football season starting up, Papa John’s is running a promotion to get free pizzas to their customers.

To get your free pizza from Papa John’s:

  1. Order $10 or more of pizza or other menu items from Papa John’s anytime from 9/5-9/16
  2. At checkout, enter the promo code NBCPAPA
  3. The next day you will have 25 Papa John’s reward points in your account (you will need to sign up for Papa Rewards if you haven’t yet)
  4. Use the coupon code 25PAPA to get your free pizza before September 30, 2012


Papa John’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza – $9.99 Coupon Code

This is one of those “Early Week Mania” deals that Papa John’s emails us all about all of the time.

This is a specialty pizza offer from Papa John’s that won’t last that long.  Actually it expires tomorrow, September 5, 2012.

To try Papa John’s new Buffalo Chicken Pizza for just $9.99 you just need the promo code when you order online.

The Papa John’s coupon code is 999EWM

Use this code at checkout and you can get the new Buffalo Chicken Pizza OR Any Large Pizza* including Specialty Pizzas for $9.99.

About the Buffalo Chicken Pizza (According to Papa John’s)

Buffalo Chicken pizza — a savory combination of creamy ranch sauce, sliced chicken strips, crispy bacon, fresh-sliced onions and 100% real cheese made from mozzarella, all topped with a tangy, spicy buffalo sauce

Papa John’s Mondays Coupon Code

Papa John'sEvery single Monday I get this email from Papa John’s Papa Rewards program reminding me about the Monday coupon code that they have.  This special doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so it is definitely worth sharing.

Any Monday at any time (while the coupon code works) you can get any large Papa John’s pizza with all of your favorite toppings for just $9.99.

The Papa John’s coupon code is: 999MM

You can also add a 2 liter or any Pepsi product by using the following coupon code:

Papa John’s Pepsi Coupon Code: ADD2LTR

This code will get you any 2 liter at Papa John’s for just $2.


Papa John’s Spicy Italian Discount – exp. 6/24

Papa Rewards sent me another email for a Papa John’s pizza discount.

For a limited time, you can get a large Spicy Italian Pizza for only $10.

This is not a coupon or coupon code special.  There is simply a limited time discount on the pizza until June 24.  You can only order this discounted pizza online though.  The special price will not work on orders placed on the phone or in person.

The Spicy Italian Pizza has pepperoni and a double serving of spicy Italian sausage.

Papa John's Spicy Italian Pizza Discount

Papa John’s Web Wednesday – 25% Off

Web Wednesday Papa John's Coupon Code

Just a reminder, as I have posted about this before, Wednesday’s you can get 25 percent off of all regular priced menu items at Papa John’s by using the Papa John’s coupon code WW25 at checkout.

This offer is only good online.  This is not a printable coupon that you can bring into Papa John’s for a discount in stores.

This coupon code has been good for a while but they are still saying it is a limited time.  If you want to make sure that this coupon code for Papa John’s pizza is still valid, simply go to the Papa John’s website on a Wednsday, create a shopping cart, and type WW25 into the promo code box.  Check to see that the discount was taken off of your meal.

This code has been good for a while, so I do not see them ending it anytime soon, but it would be better to check before trying to make an order.  If you are interested in more pizza coupons from Papa John’s and their competitors, click here.

There are also coupon codes available for Papa John’s on Mondays and Tuesdays with special offers.  I have even seen similar deals at Pizza Hut, like Tuscani Tuesdays.

Papa John’s Pizza Coupon Code – $12.99 Pizza and Soda

Have you signed up to receive Papa John’s Papa Rewards yet?

You’ll get emails like the one I got today with Papa John’s coupon codes for great deals on Pizza.

Today until May 11th you can use the following coupon code.

Papa John’s Promo Code:T508FP

What do you get with this promo code?

  • Any large pizza*
  • 2 Liter Pepsi product

This offer is good online only at

*The large pizza is for any specialty pizza or a pizza with up to 5 toppings.

Prices may vary in Hawaii or Alaska.

This pizza coupon is not valid with any other coupon or promotion.

You can sign up for Papa Rewards at if you want to receive these emails as well.  Or, you can keep checking for regular updates.

Papa John’s Web Wednesday Coupon Code

For those of you that prefer ordering your Papa John’s pizza online, we have a great Papa John’s coupon code for you!

Today’s coupon code is valid for today only.

Use the Papa John’s Promo Code, WW25, on any Wednesday for any participating restaurant and get 25% off of all regular priced menu items.

Papa John's Web Wednesday Coupon Code

Papa John’s vs. Domino’s Pizza – Which is Better?

I was looking around the web to find out which pizza brand people prefer more.

It looks like the top few pizza places are Papa Johns, Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

So on my search, I came across a site that is offering a $1,500 prize to people who vote on the best pizza.  The competition is between Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s Pizza.

Vote on your favorite to have a chance at winning $1,500.

Which is your favorite pizza place?

Papa John’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

Papa John’s $9.99 Large Pizza – Today Only

This is a very limited time offer from Papa John’s Pizza.

This morning I was checking my email for more restaurant coupons and I came across this Papa John’s deal that is only good for Mondays for a limited time.

The deal gets you any large pizza from Papa John’s for only $9.99

The deal is only good for online purchases and you must use the Papa John’s promo code, 999MM, to redeem this coupon.

Also use the Papa John’s coupon code, ADD2LTR, and you can get a 2 liter Pepsi product for only $2.

Papa John's Coupon Monday

Online Only Offer. * Up to 7 toppings or specialty. Click Here

Offer good for a limited time at participating Papa John’s restaurants. Not valid with any other coupons or discounts. Limited delivery area. Delivery fee may apply. Customer responsible for all applicable taxes. Prices may vary in Alaska and Hawaii.

Papa John’s Coupon – New Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Papa John’s is trying to get people to try their new Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  To do so,they emailed out a bunch of Papa John’s Coupons for this new pizza.

This special is available both for in store and online orders.

You don’t actually have to print a coupon out as this is a special promotion.  All large Buffalo chicken pizzas are only $10 each.

Offer expires 4-22-2012

Papa John's Buffalo Chicken Pizza Coupon

Papa John’s Tax Relief Coupon – 2012, April

Yes, I’m a Papa John’s Rewards member.  No big deal.  I just get Papa John’s coupons in my email pretty much 3 times a week.  No big deal.  No really, its not a big deal.  You can actually go and sign up yourself for free.

Today Papa Rewards emailed me and I found out about a special that is going on from now until tax day, April 17th.

Papa Rewards is going to give an extra 15 bonus points to the rewards members to use towards a free pizza.  It only takes 40 points to get a free pizza, so I’m sure a lot of you are close right now.

In order to earn points towards free pizzas at Papa John’s, you just have to be a regular customer.  You will earn a point for ever $5 that you spend.  The $5 also includes tax and tips so that you don’t get shafted when paying that out of your pocket.

You can receive double or bonus points throughout the year, like this bonus 15 points, by buying advertised and promotional specials.

Once you have accumulated 40 points, you are eligible for a FREE three topping pizza.  Just head over to at that point and enter the Papa John’s promo code, 40PAPA, when you are ready to make your purchase.

So with all of that being said, I think that those of you that aren’t members of the Papa John’s Papa Rewards program should go and sign up now.  It is free to sign up and you’ll actually save a lot of money over the course of your free membership.