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Dave and Busters Sunday Football Specials

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I just got that email to remind me that Dave and Busters does indeed have specials for football games.  The email mentioned just NFL, but the deals start Saturday, which means college football drink specials should be around too.

What are the drink and food specials?

Well, that all depends where you live.  Each location has their own discounts for the games and some will change by the week.

You can find your local Dave and Busters football specials by checking here.

Dave and Busters

Play New Dave and Busters Games for Free

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Dave and Buster’s has bought some new toys that they want to share with their guests.  There are 10 new games that have been placed into every one of their locations.

In an effort to get you all into the new games, Dave and Busters is letting you play 3 of the new games for free, twice each.

There are 10 new games in total, so choose wisely.

This special is running for a limited time only while they are advertising the new products.  The promotion is running from June 15 – July 1, 2012.

In order to play the games for free, you just need a same day Power Card purchase or reload of your current Power Card.  The free game play is only valid for the day that the card was purchased or refilled.

Dave and Busters New Games for Summer 2012

The following 10 games are all brand new to Dave and Busters locations.  Come in and check them out for free game plays.

Connect 4 – NEW!

Connect 4, the classic board game, by Hasbro. Step up to the player station and choose your checker. Play head-to-head or against the computer. Take turns dropping checkers in the grid to try to connect four-in-a-row. Connect 4 offers great play-value and a chance to win big tickets in the bonus round!

Speed of Light – NEW!

Move like the speed of light to win tickets! The faster you are, the more you win! Fast & frantic game play with upbeat music and light effects.

Superbooth – NEW!

Interactive photobooth. It is the world’s first interactive multi-person photo/video booth and the first new development in photo booths in 90 years! The traditional photo booth has been around since the 1920s and has remained unchanged-until now.

QuadAir Hockey – NEW!

Discover the new and innovative concept in playing air hockey with 2, 3 or 4 people.

Monster Drop – NEW!

Time the drop of the high energy ball so it falls through the JACKPOT, the MYSTERY VALUE, or TICKET WIN VALUES… Even if you miss, the ball bounces and careens around before dropping in a hole, so you WIN EVERY TIME!

Dirty Drivin’ – NEW!

Battle with your friends or against a CPU rival for intense competitive action. The motto of Dirty Drivin’ is “Drive Dirty…Fight Dirty!”

Ice Age Ice Breaker – NEW!

The game features two sets of interactive acorn “pads” where the player tries to win the big ticket bonus by timing his hit of the acorns to crack the ICE all the way through to the center BONUS ring. Crack the ice into the center ring and you win the super bonus.

Space Ballz – NEW!

Dean-O the space monkey needs your help! While refueling his space ship, he made a clumsy mistake and spilled JET Cola all over his control panel causing it to go crazy. He needs your help catching the fuel ballz for him to get him on his way and back to cruising the universe.

Typhoon – NEW!

XD Motion Theater has four new movies – Snow Ride, Hover Chase, SpeedCoaster and Rats Race Extreme.

Spin Out – NEW!

On a single play you can win 1000 coupons! When play begins use the button to stop the blue hand to determine a coupon value, then stop the red hand to determine the multiplier value for the coupon. If you land on 100 with the blue hand and 10x with the red it’s an easy 1000 tickets.

Dave and Busters Party and Play Packages

Dave and Busters philosophy revolves around getting people to have fun in their restaurants.  What better way to do this than by bringing a group of people together to eat, drink and play games at Dave and Busters?

If you plan a party at Dave and Busters, you will get way more than just a few trays of food like you will at most regular restaurants.  Dave and Busters has fun bars and plenty of games to keep you and your guests entertained.

Party and Play Combos

Choose one of 3 amazing buffets and get a $10 Game Card Only $22.99
Buffet Choices: Grilled Chicken | Mesquite BBQ Chicken | Fajita Buffet
*Available every day until 5:00 pm. See Special Events for complete details. Pricing varies in some locations

Dave and Busters Signature Starters Buffet and get a $10 Game Card Only $22.99

Choose one of 2 amazing buffets and get a $15 Game Card Only $27.99
Buffet Choices: Alexander Buffet | Italian Feast Buffet
*Date and time restrictions apply. Offer restrictions apply. See Special Events for complete details. Pricing varies in some locations.

Date and time restrictions apply. For any group of 20 or more. Must be booked in advance through Special Events.
Dave & Buster’s Party & Play Combo is priced per person and does not include tax and gratuity. Limited time offer.
Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Regular Catering/Parties at Dave and Busters

If the combo specials above don’t suit your needs, there are plenty of other catering and party options at Dave and Busters.  They are more than willing to work with people who are going to bring in a crowd of over 20 people into their restaurants.

They have options for different buffets that can be customized, beverage services, party platters, and seasonal options available.  Entertainment is available with more than just games.  You can also get use of billiards, live entertainment, shuffleboard, bowling, and team building games.

Dave and Buster’s National Play Day

Dave and Busters National Play Day

I have never heard of National Play Day until I got an email from Dave and Buster’s earlier this week (sorry I missed it earlier and didn’t get to post this yet).  I’m still not sure exactly what National Play Day is, but there is a campaign backed by Dave and Buster’s for it, and even a contest being run on Facebook to support it.

The contest is being run on Facebook from May 21 through May 25.  If you go to the Dave and Buster’s fan page on Facebook and like it, you will be entered to win free game plays for this celebration.

Dave and Buster’s are giving away a limited number of free game play offers every day this week to get the word out.

After you like the Facebook fan page, you can click on the contest there.  Click “get started” and share your email address  and name.  They will email you a voucher that gets you any of the following if you are a winner:

  • Free $10 Game Play
  • Free $10 Game Play with $10 Purchase
  • Free $20 Game Play with $20 Purchase

Will somebody please leave a comment on this post stating what exactly National Play Day is?  I’m really curious and I’m sure a lot of readers are.  Thanks in advance.

Dave and Busters – May

I said it once and I’ll say it again…anybody looking for Dave and Busters printable coupons should join the Dave and Busters email list.  They keep sending me deals, but unfortunately I cannot share them as they are in my name and only good for one person.

It is simple and free to sign up.  Just go to Dave and Busters website, click “rewards” near the top right, and enter your information.  You’ll be sent at least one deal per week.

Dave and Busters Printable Coupon - May 2012

Today I got my “May Fun Promo” which offers $10 in free game play when you purchase $10 on your game card.  Use this during 1/2 price game Wednesdays, and you’ll technically get $40 worth of gaming in for only $10.  Discount cannot be combined with any other offers, including Eat & Play Combo, Half Price Games Wednesdays or any Half Price Game promotions or Special Events Packages.

Show up during happy hour, and you’ll also be able to get some great deals on drinks and food on top of the discounted game play.

Unfortunately you cannot print and use the coupon that I posted here.  It is only good for a one time use and under my account name.  You should receive your own coupon if you sign up for the rewards program on the site though.

This particular Dave and Busters coupon is only good until May 22nd, so you should try and sign up as soon as possible to make sure that you can get this deal this weekend.

Dave and Busters Happy Hours

Dave and Busters really loves to push the envelope of having a good time. They really take pride in the use of several happy hours, and not all of them are the same.

Dave and Busters Happy Hour

Times vary, but the regular happy hour is after regular working hours.  Stop by Dave and Busters after work and enjoy a half price “adult beverages”.

Happy HourLate Night Happy Hour

Some people cannot make the first happy hour, so Dave and Busters makes it easy on them.  Participating locations have a second hour later in the night when they offer special prices on beer, wine, and cocktails.

Power Hour

If you don’t want to go to Dave and Busters just for the drinks, they have a special “Power Hour” every day.  During the power hour, you can play video games for just $10 during that time period.

As for drink specials and bar food options, each location is different.  You can check the Dave and Busters website or call ahead to find out what your local location has to offer.

Dave and Busters Coupons – For a Good Cause

Today I found a very noble deal going on at Dave and Busters.

Right now, You can go to any Dave and Busters to buy a “star”.  Each star costs $1, but you can always give more as this is going to a charity.

Proceeds will be going right to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This foundation helps raise money to grant wishes for children with life-threatening conditions.

Dave and Busters Coupon - Make a Wish Foundation

In return for your generosity, you will be given the option of selecting one of two Dave and Busters coupons.

The first coupon choice gets you free $5 worth of game play when you buy $10 game play.  You are technically spending $1 to get $5 worth of game play, AND you are helping out a great cause.

The other Dave and Busters coupon option gives you a FREE appetizer when you purchase any entree on a return visit to Dave and Busters from May 7 – June 24.


Dave and Busters Half Price Games

Are you signed up for the Dave and Busters Rewards emails yet?  You might as well, I keep getting plenty of emails about Dave and Busters coupons every week.

Today Dave and Busters emailed me about a post tax day promotion.

Every Wednesday, from open to close, you can get half-price games at pretty much every Dave and Busters location.  The only exception is the Honolulu location which ends the half price games at 10:00PM.

This is a limited time offer, so you might want to check it out tonight or in the upcoming weeks so that you do not miss out.

Dave and Busters Half Price Games

Dave and Busters Printable Coupon – Free $10 Game Play

Dave and Busters just sent me a free printable coupon to celebrate this 3 day weekend.

If you haven’t signed up for the Dave and Busters email list, I highly recommend you do.  They continuously send me some great Dave and Busters coupons and let me know about upcoming promotions and special events for their customers.

Today I got was sent a printable Dave and Busters coupon for a free $10 game play card.  I would post my coupon up on the site right now, but it is only valid for one use, and I don’t want a bunch of copies floating around that won’t work for you guys.

However, if you would like your own coupon for a free $10 game play at Dave and Busters, go to the Dave and Busters Rewards part of their website and sign up for the email list.  It is free to sign up, and they aren’t spammy like a lot of other companies.  I get maybe 3-5 emails per month from Dave and Busters, and they usually have something of value in each email.

I bet if you sign up today, they will send you the coupon that I got today for the free $10 game play card.  This deal is valid until the end of the month, April 30th.

And for those of you that don’t like carrying around printed coupons, there is even a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone.  You can bring that in as proof of your coupon eligibility.

Dave and Busters – Free Gameplay with Eat & Play Combo

This has been an ongoing special at Dave and Buster’s that I have used MANY times in the past.  This special is great for spending a night out with some friends or on a date because it includes everything you really need at Dave and Busters. At participating Dave and Buster’s locations, spend $15.99 to get this Eat and Play Combo.

What comes with the Eat and Play Combo at Dave and Busters?

Free Dave and Busters $10 Game Card

That part of it is pretty much self explanatory.  Purchase this special and you’ll get a $10 game card just for getting dinner.  You can look at this in 3 ways.  One, you are getting a great $6 meal after buying a $10 game card.  Two, you get a great meal plus a game card to help pass time while you are digesting.  Three, you are just getting an awesome Dave and Busters discount.

Dinner Entrees

You get your choice of 9 different special entrees from Dave and Busters.  These entrees include:

  • Build Your Own Soft Tacos
  • Double Stacked Chicken Parm Sandwich
  • Blackened Chicken Pasta
  • Goldfingers
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Black Jack BBQ Chicken
  • Dave’s™ Double Cheeseburger
  • Parmesan Crusted Chicken Caesar Salad
  • The Philly Cheesesteak
  • Chicken & Shr imp Tsunami ($2 more)
  • Build Your Own Soft (Steak) Tacos ($2 more)
  • Island Grilled Trifecta ($2 more)
  • Cajun Shrimp Alfredo ($2 more)
  • Peppercorn Sirloin Steak ($4 more)
  • Teriyaki Sirloin Steak ($4 more)
  • Chargrilled Sirloin Steak ($4 more)
  • Black Jack BBQ Sirloin Steak ($4 more)
  • Black Jack BBQ Chicken & Ribs ($4 more)
  • Fire Grilled Salmon ($4 more)
  • Huli Huli Salmon ($4 more)
  • Chargrilled Atlantic Salmon ($4 more)
*Entree prices vary in some locations. $16.99 for lowest priced meal in Hawaii, Toronto, San Jose, Cincinnati, Palisades, Concord & Orlando. $18.99 in NYC. 

For those of you who aren’t Dave and Busters regular visitors, you can check out more detailed descriptions of these entrees by clicking here.


Dave and Busters Coupon – 2012, Ongoing

This is one of the coolest coupons I have seen for a restaurant yet.  Way to go Dave and Busters.

This is a deal that has been going on for a long time that I have completely forgotten about.

Simply signing up for the Dave and Busters Rewards program will get you a printable Dave and Busters coupon that you can bring in to your closest restaurant for free $10 worth of game play.

The rewards program at Dave and Busters is completely free of charge, and you will be sent some great printable coupons and be made aware of local and national discounts/promotions coming your way at Dave and Busters.

You can sign up here.

Dave and Busters Printable Coupon – 2012, April

Yes it is still March, but I am considering this an April coupon since it expires on April 30th.  I got this coupon by signing up at the Dave and Busters website to receive more promotional emails from them.  So I get a coupon when I request access to more coupons.  Kind of a great deal that you should try out.  Go to and sign up.

The coupon that I got will get a big discount on game play. If you spend $10 on on game play, you’ll get $20 worth of games in return. It’s kind of like a half off deal for the $20  game play.

The coupon below is the one from my sign up which is only valid for one use.  Use it if you want, but chances are somebody has already printed it and used it.  This coupon barcode is only good for one use.  You can get your coupon by going to the Dave and Busters coupon link I posted.

Dave and Busters Printable Coupon - 2012, AprilIn addition to this printable Dave and Busters coupon, you can also receive some other great deals on Wednesdays without the coupon.

For a limited time,  you can go to Dave and Busters to get half off game play on Wednesdays.  Wednesdays also get you half off drinks during happy hour.