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Red Lobster – Endless Shrimp

If this discount is over, being as it is a limited time only deal, please CLICK HERE to find the most current Red Lobster coupons and specials.

The Endless Shrimp deal is back at Red Lobster right now.

What does this mean?

For a limited time, you can have as much shrimp as you’d like for just $14.99*

There are a variety of different menu options that you can choose from.  You are even able to mix and match shrimp entrees.

Some locations may be different, but an idea of the selections include:

All dishes listed above come with your choice of salad and unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

*Prices are higher in the Times Square and Hawaii locations

Red Lobster Seafood Feast – $5 off

Last week I posted an article about Red Lobster bringing back the 4 course seafood feast.  The feast was going for $14.99 at the time.  Now there are coupons that you can use to get the prices down for yourself and your restaurant companion.

The Red Lobster coupon below will get you savings on the Seafood Feast until August 12, 2012.  You get different savings depending on what time of the day you go to Red Lobster with the coupon.

If you decide to get the Seafood Feast at lunch time, you will save $4 on two adult lunch entrees with the Red Lobster lunch coupon.

The Red Lobster dinner coupon will get you $5 off of the purchase of 2 adult dinner entrees.

Note – The coupon below should not be printed and used.  This one was made for my email account and is not supposed to be duplicated.  It is only being shown as an example of the printable Red Lobster coupon that you can receive yourself.  For information on how to print your own, read after the coupon image.

Red Lobster Seafood Feast Coupon

If you would like to print this coupon, and coupons like this, you need to sign up for the Red Lobster discount email list.  You can sign up for it here. Don’t worry about being spammed or anything like that.  Red Lobster is a respectable and trustworthy organization that will not spam you or sell your email address. If you feel you are getting too many coupon emails, you can always unsubscribe and they will take you off right away.

Red Lobster 4 Course Feast – $14.99

Red LobsterLobsterfest is over, so Red Lobster has announced their “newest” promotion to get people saving on big meals at the restaurants.

It isn’t exactly a “new” deal, but it is a great one.  Last year Red Lobster rolled out the 4 Course Seafood Feast for their customers.

What do you get in the Red Lobster Four Course Seafood Feast?

  • Choice of Dessert
    • Triple-Chocolate Brownie á la Mode
    • Apple Crostada with Caramel Drizzle
    • Key Lime Pie

Prices may be higher in some locations in California, Hawaii, and New York.
This is another Red Lobster limited time only special, so head in soon if you want to give it a try.

National Shrimp Day

Happy National Shrimp Day!

Yes, there is a holiday to celebrate all things shrimp.  And that day, well its today!

There is definitely one place that you should go to celebrate National Shrimp Day while saving some money.

Red Lobsters Shrimp

They specialize in lobster, but man do they make some great shrimp meals.  And, it just so happens that they are in the middle of the Festival of Shrimp campaign.

Red Lobster has 9 different shrimp inspired recipes.  During the Festival of Shrimp, you can mix and match any two for just $12.99.

Hungrier than that?  Well you can add one more of the shrimp entrees and the price only goes up to $17.99.

Entrees include:

Do you need anymore reason to go celebrate National Shrimp Day at Red Lobster?

How about a delicious Lobsterita to wash down your dinner.

Red Lobster – Festival of Shrimp

Red Lobster has been creating special recipes and deals for a variety of seafood meals.  They have had amazing limited time specials before like Lobster Fest and All You Can Eat Crab Legs.

Now, they are doing a special revolved around shrimp entrees.  They call this, The Festival of Shrimp.

What is the festival of shrimp?

This is one of those special combo meals that lets you sample a variety of recipes for an affordable price.  All of these recipes are shrimp based with their own special tweaks added to give some variety.

Red Lobster has created 9 different shrimp entrees for you to choose from and make a meal out of.

This Red Lobster special lets you take any 2 of the shrimp entrees for $12.99, or if you are hungrier, you can opt to get 3 entrees for just $17.99.

They encourage you to mix and match your meals.  If you go with a party of 3, you can sample all 9 of these shrimp entrees at Red Lobster.

These are the shrimp entrees that you get to mix and match during the Festival of Shrimp:

If you are a shrimp lover, you should head down to Red Lobster this weekend.  This only a limited time offer and worth checking out.

Red Lobster Deals – Courtesy of Facebook Likes

I wasn’t sure whether or not to include both of these deals because not both of them are actually “Red Lobster Coupons“, but its definitely worth sharing the information at least.  Both of these specials for Red Lobster are available by “liking” them on Facebook.

The first deal is actually a way to get $5 off of any 2 adult entrees to celebrate Lobsterfest. All you need to get this printable Red Lobster coupon is like the Red Lobster fan page and you’ll be eligible for this discount.

Red Lobster Coupon - Facebook Like

Now we also have a sweepstakes with Red Lobster’s Facebook page.

They are giving away Seaside SurPrizes everyday until April 20th.

Seaside SurPrizes include a day at the spa, free Red Lobster gift cards, eReader, designer sunglasses, a set of Adirondack chairs, and more.

To enter this prize, you do not have to sign any forms giving away all of your personal information.  You just need to sign onto Facebook, go to the Red Lobster Seaside Surprize Facebook fan page, and click like.

Red Lobster Seaside SurPrize Sweepstakes - Facebook Like

Red Lobster Coupons of 2012

Endless Shrimp – $14.99

Red Lobster Seafood Feast – $5 off

Red Lobster 4 Course Feast – $14.99

Red Lobster – Festival of Shrimp

Red Lobster Deals – Courtesy of Facebook Likes

Lobster has forever been a food that people crave and only the rich got to eat.  Then Red Lobster came along and made feasting on lobster affordable to the masses while still keeping it tasting as great as anyone would have expected.

Red Lobster started in 1968 by entrepreneurs Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby.  That is Bill Darden of Darden Restaurants Inc.  Darden also owns and operates Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 Restaurant, and most currently Eddie V’s.  Darden Restaurants have long been known to supply consistently quality meals to their customers over the years.

Red Lobster is always looking to give a great deal to their customers.  In fact, some of you might remember the Red Lobster’s Bottomless Crab legs special that they ran in 2003.  This deal was so good that Red Lobster actually LOST $3 million dollars during the promotion.  Of course they had to drop the campaign to stay in business, but have since brought out the Bottomless Shrimp special to make up for it and not lose all of their profits.

Red Lobster Coupons

I already have a few tricks up my sleeves to find a bunch of coupons for Red Lobster to provide my visitors.  To stay up to date either follow me on Twitter (@CouponsToEat), add a bookmark, or join my newsletter.

New Red Lobster coupons will be added as I find them to the right side of the page under, “Red Lobster” as well as to the top of this article.  As I mention to my guests all of the time, please feel free contact me or leave a comment with any new coupons for Red Lobster that I somehow may have missed.