Little Caesar’s Coupon – June 2012

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Looks like Little Caesar’s Pizza is holding out from any other coupons right now.  They are running the same coupon as last month this June.  It is still a discount, so if you didn’t use it last month or still want to get the same deal this month, go right ahead.

Little Caesar’s coupon – June 2012

Little Caesars Coupon - June 2012

This is actually a pretty good deal to use in addition to the rest of any meal.  This coupon will get you the Crazy Combo for just $1.99.

What is a Crazy Combo?

Well, its crazy bread and crazy sauce.

This coupon is good until June 30.

This is only valid at participating locations.  Make sure you mention the coupon on the phone when calling for a delivery so that you know it will be honored.

There may only be one coupon, but Little Caesar’s Pizza still has some other great deals going on.  Click here for the Hot N’ Ready Pizza info.

Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza

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I’m not sure if you can call it an epidemic, but millions of people are finding out that they either have celiac disease or at least have a gluten intolerance.  Gluten is found in so many foods that it becomes extremely difficult to find any gluten free food anywhere, especially with fast food options.

Domino’s has decided to try and hold onto the customers that they may have lost who found out about their gluten problems.  Most of the time the first things to go in a gluten free diet are bread and pizza.

Domino’s gluten free pizza is currently only available in small sizes.

When you attempt to order a pizza, they immediately give you fair warning that they cannot promise the pizza is totally free of gluten:

We’d Like You To Know…

Domino’s pizza made with a Gluten Free Crust is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness supports the availability of Domino’s Gluten Free Crust, but CANNOT recommend the pizza for customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming this pizza.

Please note that our Philly Steak and Alfredo sauce are the only pizza toppings that contain gluten. For more info, click here.

The gluten free pizza at Domino’s Pizza is currently $9.99 for zero or one topping.

Chili’s Coupon – Free Chips and Queso – Ongoing

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This coupon is easy for everyone to get their hands on.  I apologize for voiding it out, but there is only one use per coupon when you use this one.  I assume many of this site’s visitors will print it and try using it, and I don’t want anybody to have to be stuck at a restaurant without a valid coupon.

Now, if you want to get this coupon right away, you can get it for free on the Chili’s website.  When you visit, there is a banner on the top of the page.  Click on the “Email club” tab.  When you are there, enter your email address and they will direct you to a page with a Chili’s coupon custom for you.  The coupon can be used withing two weeks of signing up.  This is a printable coupon, so make sure you have your printer set up and ready since the page loads up right away.

Chili's Coupon - Free Chips and Queso

This coupons is good for free chips and queso.  To qualify, you need to bring the coupon into any Chili’s restaurant and purchase at least one full sized entree.  The coupon above expires on June 28, today is June 14, so I assume whenever anybody signs up for the email list they will have up to two weeks to print and redeem their discount.

Chili’s Grill & Bar Coupons 2012

Chili’s Coupons

Chili’s Coupon – Free Chips and Queso – Ongoing

About Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s is a popular casual dining restaurant and bar.  There are currently over 1,400 restaurants spread out among more than 30 countries.  The majority of Chili’s locations can be found in the United States and Canada.

Lots of people know Chili’s for their happy hour items as well as a few things from the menu.  Chili’s has also become well known for their baby back ribs.  This is partly due to the taste/value as well as their baby back ribs commercial and song.  The commercial below is an old one, but they have stuck with that song and advertisement for quite some time.

Chili’s main competition is Applebee’s, T.G.I. Friday’s, and Ruby Tuesday.

Chili’s History

The first Chili’s location was built in Dallas, TX.  It was originally a converted postal station on Greenville Avenue. This first location was created in 1975.  In 6 years, they moved the original restaurant to a newer location in the same area in 1981.  That location lasted until 2007.

Larry Levine created Chili’s Bar and Grill with a mission to provide a casual atmosphere where people could go to find an affordable burger option with full-service dining.  Levine’s concept grew quickly.  There were 28 different Chili’s locations in that region by the mid 1980s.

The restaurant saw a lot more growth after Levine sold his corporation to Norman E. Brinker, formerly of the Pillsbury restaurant group.  The Pillsbury restaurant group had ownership of Bennigans when Brinker worked with them, so he knew how the business model worked.

Chili’s Menu Items

Chili’s menu is considered American food, influenced by Tex-Mex cuisine.  Over the years, Chili’s has adapted their menu to suit the changing nutritional expectations of some customers and the changing tastes of our society.  They started with just burgers and now sell a full range of products including burgers, ribs, steaks, fajitas, salads, soups, chili, sandwiches, quesadillas, tacos, chicken, seafood, and more.  Promotional items and limited time recipes show up all of the time at Chili’s Bar and Grill.

Chili’s International Locations

Chili’s has locations in 49 US states (excluding Alaska), 30 different countries, and two territories.

  • Bangladesh
  • Bahrain
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • El Salvador
  • Syria
  • Germany
  • Guam
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Oman
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Qatar
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom (Gone into Administration)[11][12]
  • United States
  • Venezue

Medieval Times Fathers Day Discount

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When is Fathers Day 2012?

Sunday June 17

What should you do for Fathers Day 2012?

You should probably bring your father to Medieval Times where he will have an amazing meal and get to watch a fun show while spending a memorable day with the family.

Medieval Times Father's Day Discount

Fathers Day Discount at Medieval Times

This is a lot like the Mother’s Day special that Medieval Times had last month, but they threw in a few extras to make it more of a manly experience for the fathers.

Dads are free with an accompanying adult that has paid for a full priced admission.  Extras and upgrades can be purchased.  There are special upgrades available just for Fathers Day. They are listed below.

This discount is good for ALL of Fathers Day weekend.  It can be used any day June 15-17.

This offer is valid at the Buena Park, Orlando, Toronto, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, Lyndhurst, Baltimore/Washington D.C., Dallas, and Atlanta locations.

How to claim the free dinner/admission

There are three options:

1 – Purchase your tickets online and use the Medieval Times coupon code, DFWEB, at checkout.

2 – If you prefer to speak with an actual sales rep, you can call Medieval Times booking center.  The number is 1-888-WE-JOUST

3 – If you are feeling gutsy, you can just show up to your local Medieval Times with your father and mention the Fathers Day discount.  You might risk the show being sold out and not being able to make it in.  I recommend ordering your tickets online so that you can be assured to have a spot for dinner and the show.

Medieval Times Fathers Day Upgrades

On the reservations page of the Medieval Times website, there is an option to select the “Fathers Day Package”.  This costs $25 and will get you the following upgrades and bonuses for your father this weekend:

  • Candid photo with Father’s Day scroll and souvenir frame
  • Cheering flag for your knight
  • Draft beer or soda in a souvenir stein


Chuck E Cheese Coupons – June 2012

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The sheet attached here was sent via an email on the Chuck E Cheese coupons and promotions email list.

All of the Chuck E Cheese discounts below expire on July 4, 2012.

Coupon # 1

Get 2 large pizzas with 1 topping for $22.00

Coupon #2

$4.99 all you can eat salad bar per person in your party

Coupon #3

$19.99 for 1 large one topping pizza, 2 soft drinks, AND 40 tokens

Coupon #4

$29.99 for 1 large one large cheese pizza, 4 soft drinks, AND 100 tokens

Coupon #5

$39.99 for 1 large one topping pizza, 1 single order of buffalo wings, 4 soft drinks, AND 120 tokens

Coupon #6

$25 – Buy 100 tokens and get 30 FREE tokens with coupon

Chuck E Cheese Coupons - June 2012

If you would like to find more Chuck E Cheese coupons like this, you can either check back to this site whenever you need a discount, or you can sign up for the Chuck E Cheese coupon email list to get these deals sent to your inbox regularly.  The coupon list is free to sign up for and is available on the Chuck E Cheese home page.

Dave and Busters Party and Play Packages

Dave and Busters philosophy revolves around getting people to have fun in their restaurants.  What better way to do this than by bringing a group of people together to eat, drink and play games at Dave and Busters?

If you plan a party at Dave and Busters, you will get way more than just a few trays of food like you will at most regular restaurants.  Dave and Busters has fun bars and plenty of games to keep you and your guests entertained.

Party and Play Combos

Choose one of 3 amazing buffets and get a $10 Game Card Only $22.99
Buffet Choices: Grilled Chicken | Mesquite BBQ Chicken | Fajita Buffet
*Available every day until 5:00 pm. See Special Events for complete details. Pricing varies in some locations

Dave and Busters Signature Starters Buffet and get a $10 Game Card Only $22.99

Choose one of 2 amazing buffets and get a $15 Game Card Only $27.99
Buffet Choices: Alexander Buffet | Italian Feast Buffet
*Date and time restrictions apply. Offer restrictions apply. See Special Events for complete details. Pricing varies in some locations.

Date and time restrictions apply. For any group of 20 or more. Must be booked in advance through Special Events.
Dave & Buster’s Party & Play Combo is priced per person and does not include tax and gratuity. Limited time offer.
Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Regular Catering/Parties at Dave and Busters

If the combo specials above don’t suit your needs, there are plenty of other catering and party options at Dave and Busters.  They are more than willing to work with people who are going to bring in a crowd of over 20 people into their restaurants.

They have options for different buffets that can be customized, beverage services, party platters, and seasonal options available.  Entertainment is available with more than just games.  You can also get use of billiards, live entertainment, shuffleboard, bowling, and team building games.

Boston Market Catering Coupon – exp. 7/8/12

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Boston Market Catering Coupon – exp. 7/8/12

Boston Market just emailed me about a promotion they are putting on based around 4th of July parties.

Not a lot of people know that Boston Market is available for catering events.  Most of their regular menu can be used to cater parties, meetings, or other special occasions.

The coupon today will get you 10% off of any catering order over $60.  You have until July 8th to claim this special discounted catering price.

Boston Market 4th of July Catering Coupon

Boston Market Catering

One great thing about catering services by Boston Market, is that they don’t need a lot of prep time.  Most caterers need at least 24 hours notice before being able to supply a catered event.  Boston Market only need about 3 hours to be ready.  That means you can really step up and plan some great last minute events with the help of Boston Market.

You don’t even have to worry about picking up the food.  Boston Market’s employees will deliver all of the food and set it up at your event’s location.

The full catering menu is available online.  You can get large servings of chicken, baked beans, sandwiches, salads, soups, and a lot more.


Sizzler Loves Dads Sweepstakes

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Does your father love Sizzler?  Well, does he like it at least?

Sizzler is running a promotion right now in preparation for Father’s Day 2012.  This is a contest to get your Dad a great gift this holiday.

Prizes include:

  • $50 Sizzler gift card
  • Steak knives
  • Sizzler Steak Sauce

You can enter any time that you want between now and the end of the contest.  You can only enter once, but you will be a part of a daily drawing.  So, the earlier you put your name into the sweepstakes, the more chances you will have to win a prize in this Sizzler promotion.

How to enter:

Facebook members can sign up on the Sizzler Facebook page.  Click here to get to their designated Facebook home page.  First you are going to have to “like” Sizzler.  Then find the “Sizzler Loves Dads” Sweepstakes button on the page.  It is located in the middle of the screen with the tab name “sweepstakes”.  Follow that link and you can enter the contest from there.  Daily winners are announced on the Facebook feed.

Not a Facebook member?  Well, you can still sign up.  You can go straight to the sweepstakes home page by clicking here.

This contest is running until June 17, 2012.  Make sure you sign up early so that you can get the most amount of daily entries possible.

No Purchase or Payment of Any Kind is Necessary to Enter or Win This Sweepstakes. Making a Purchase Does Not Improve Your Chances to Win.

Olive Garden $5 Off Coupon – Exp 6/24

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This is a pretty basic Olive Garden coupon for the month of June 2012.

This coupon is good for $5 off of any entree with a purchase of an additional entree.

Not dining with another person, or is your guest not buying an entree?

The coupon expires on June 24, 2012 and is accepted only at participating Olive Garden locations.

Coupon terms:

This coupon may be redeemed for $2.50 off each single dinner entree.  Limit two single dinner entrees per coupon.  Coupon not redeemable for cash, children’s menu items, soup, Garden salad, pizza, or with any other offer.  Dine in only.  One coupon per visit.  Cash redemption value 1/20 of one cent.  Coupon may not be reproduced, sold, transferred, or traded.  Sales tax paid by the bearer. Valid at any Olive Garden location in the US & Canada.  Expires 6/24/2012.

Do you want to get Olive Garden coupons like this one?  Well you can check back regularly on this site, or an easier option is to sign up for the Olive Garden email list.  This is how I got this coupon.  It was sent in an email earlier today, just like the plethora of other emails that Olive Garden sends me with discounts, specials, and promotions.

While this coupon is valid, you can use it to try the Olive Garden Taste of Tuscany.  The Taste of Tuscany consists of 2 limited time entrees and 4 different extras. Entrees include the Taste of Tuscany with Chicken and the Taste of Tuscany with Sausage.  Extras include Alfredo Bruschetta, Tomato basil and feta bruschetta, fresh spinach, and roasted asparagus.


Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show – Save $13

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show – Save over 20%! 

This isn’t exactly a coupon, but it is a great deal through an affiliate that gives some huge discounts to different Orlando attractions like Medieval Times.

The normal price for Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show is $55.95 plus tax for adults, and $23.95 plus tax for children.

Click here to get to the discount which will get you adult tickets for just $42.95 and children’s tickets for just $20.00

There is no coupon code necessary, this is just a special Orlando discount site offering great deals in and around the city.

With this price you will get the following:

  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks

About Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show is a nightly dinner and a show that offers a fun mystery for customers to try and solve on their own.  This is the longest running mystery dinner show in all of Orlando.

The show is 2 and a half hours long.  There is a major comedy aspect to keep you and your guests entertained the entire time.  They even have audience participation, pulling diners onto the stage to become a part of the show’s mystery.

The meals are hearty and will fill up most people with a huge appetite.  Before the show starts your servers will bring you fresh greens salads, assorted crackers with a signature cheese spread, dinner rolls with butter, and hot & cold hors d’oeuvres.

When the show starts, you will have a choice of the following entrees:

  • Honey-glazed Cornish game hen with herbed stuffing, sweet potato, vegetables, and cranberry sauce
  • Prime rib dinner ($3.00 extra + tax) with baked potato and vegetables
  • Four cheese lasagna (with or without meatballs, your choice) with vegetables and garlic bread
  • For children age(s) 3 to 11 – Child portioned meal including Chicken Tenders, Mac N Cheese, and Green Beans
All diners are offered the Mystery Dessert as well after your meal.  Want to know what it is?  You’ll have to show up for the dinner then…it is a mystery.

Looking for more Orlando restaurant discounts?

Red Lobster Seafood Feast – $5 off

Last week I posted an article about Red Lobster bringing back the 4 course seafood feast.  The feast was going for $14.99 at the time.  Now there are coupons that you can use to get the prices down for yourself and your restaurant companion.

The Red Lobster coupon below will get you savings on the Seafood Feast until August 12, 2012.  You get different savings depending on what time of the day you go to Red Lobster with the coupon.

If you decide to get the Seafood Feast at lunch time, you will save $4 on two adult lunch entrees with the Red Lobster lunch coupon.

The Red Lobster dinner coupon will get you $5 off of the purchase of 2 adult dinner entrees.

Note – The coupon below should not be printed and used.  This one was made for my email account and is not supposed to be duplicated.  It is only being shown as an example of the printable Red Lobster coupon that you can receive yourself.  For information on how to print your own, read after the coupon image.

Red Lobster Seafood Feast Coupon

If you would like to print this coupon, and coupons like this, you need to sign up for the Red Lobster discount email list.  You can sign up for it here. Don’t worry about being spammed or anything like that.  Red Lobster is a respectable and trustworthy organization that will not spam you or sell your email address. If you feel you are getting too many coupon emails, you can always unsubscribe and they will take you off right away.