Denny’s Discounts

Denny’s always has some kind of discount going on, whether it is fully advertised, in a coupon form, or just a cheap meal.

There are three specials that go on year round that many people don’t know about.

Free Grand Slam

If you are the birthday boy or birthday girl, you can get a free grand slam at any Denny’s location.  Let your server know when you start your meal that it is your birthday and ask how to get a free Grand Slam meal.

Kids Eat Free

Participating locations let you bring your kids in to eat for free at Denny’s.  This is usually between the hours of 4PM and 10PM on varying days.  Call your location or ask your server for more details.  There is a limited menu for free kids meals at Denny’s.

AARP Discounts

Seniors get a special discount at Denny’s every day.  Present your AARP card to the server and you will get 20% off of your total bill between 4Pm and 10PM everyday.  Also, AARP members and their guests can get coffee for only $1 all day, every day.

National Shrimp Day

Happy National Shrimp Day!

Yes, there is a holiday to celebrate all things shrimp.  And that day, well its today!

There is definitely one place that you should go to celebrate National Shrimp Day while saving some money.

Red Lobsters Shrimp

They specialize in lobster, but man do they make some great shrimp meals.  And, it just so happens that they are in the middle of the Festival of Shrimp campaign.

Red Lobster has 9 different shrimp inspired recipes.  During the Festival of Shrimp, you can mix and match any two for just $12.99.

Hungrier than that?  Well you can add one more of the shrimp entrees and the price only goes up to $17.99.

Entrees include:

Do you need anymore reason to go celebrate National Shrimp Day at Red Lobster?

How about a delicious Lobsterita to wash down your dinner.

Little Caesars Coupons – May 2012

I really don’t feel that you need a Little Caesars printable coupon to get a cheap meal when you order pizza from them.  The prices are already insanely low, so you are saving money by paying full price over ordering from any other location like Papa John’s or Pizza Hut.

With that being said, I still came across Little Caesars coupons for this month to save a little more cash or to try a new item on the menu for a low price.

Little Caesars Crazy Combo Coupon

Where else can you get food for $1.99 at a pizza place?  Especially a corporate one?

Well, Little Caesars has the coupon below that will get you the Crazy Combo for only $1.99.   A “Crazy Combo” gets you both Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce for about $2 with the coupon.  I have never tried this crazy bread, so please leave some comments to let me know how it is.

Little Caesars Crazy Bread Coupon

Hot-N-Ready Pizza for $5 or $8

This is more of a great deal than a pizza coupon.  Little Caesars is still selling their Hot-N-Ready large pizzas for just $5.  If you’d like to add 3 meats, the price goes up to $8.  You can basically get 3 Little Caesars pizzas for the price of one Papa John’s pizza by using this deal.

Starbucks Discount – Frappuccino Happy Hour is Back

The Starbucks Frappuccinno Happy Hour is back!

Starting last Friday, May 4, and ending on May 13th you can get your fix of any Starbucks frappuccino beverage for a special discount.

Between 3:00PM and 5:00PM during these dates you can get a frappuccino at Starbucks in any size, flavor, made any way you want it for HALF PRICE.

Starbucks is even introducing two new flavors for summer.  The new tastes are Mocha Cookie Crumble and the Chocolate Cookie Crumble Creme.

Along with the frap happy hour, there is also a contest to win a free $25 Starbucks gift card.

Starbucks half price happy hourAll you have to do is snap a photo of you enjoying your Starbucks frappucino and tag your Twitter or Instagram photos with #frappuccinohappyhour then share through your Twitter account and you could win.

Everyday 10 lucky winners will have their photos posted to the daily photo album at  Those individuals can win the $25 Starbucks gift card.

Those winners will also be entered to win any of the following:

Weekly “BIG” Prizes – Every five days a BIG prize package is awarded. The winner is chosen from the pool of daily winners.

E3 Prize Package presented by Gamespot (Winner Chosen on 5/4) – Two VIP passes to the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Includes round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.

Nylon Summer Tour Prize Pack (Winner Chosen on 5/9) – Two VIP tickets to the Nylon Summer Music Tour. Choose any location. Includes round-trip airfare and lodging.

MTV OMAs Prize Pack (Winner Chosen on 5/13) – Two tickets to the OMA’s. Includes round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.

Red Robin Special – New Burger and Bottomless Fries

Red Robin always finds new ways to put a twist on the traditional cheeseburger.  Over the years they have made many creations that have become a staple to their menu.

Recently, Red Robin introduced their newest burger at a great introductory price, the Tavern Double Burger.

Red Robin's Tavern Double BurgerThe Tavern Double Burger is a fire-grilled double burger topped with American cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce on a toasted sesame bun.

What makes this burger special the delicious Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce.  However, if you are in the mood for another taste you can then choose from one of the following three “tavern styles” that fit your taste:

  • Cantina Jack Style – Green chili aioli, roasted green chiles and Pepper-Jack cheese
  • Pig Out Style – Creamy bacon aioli paired with strips of hardwood-smoked bacon.
  • Buzzalo Style – Combines Red Robin’s tangy Buffalo Sauce with crumbled Bleu cheese, Bleu cheese dressing and crispy celery straws.
The special introductory price of this new burger is only $6.99 PLUS you’ll also get bottomless steak fries with your meal.  Upgrading to Cantina Jack, Pig Out, or Buzzalo style is only $1.00 more for a limited time.

Sizzler – Mother’s Day Special

Sizzler is a great place to bring the family for a big group event.  Mother’s day is coming up, so that might be the perfect time to head down to Sizzler.

One way you can do this while saving money is to try and win a $25 gift card for your Mother this week.

Now until May 13th, Sizzler will be giving away a free $25 gift card daily to a lucky winner per day.  Entering is easy.

There are two options for entering the Sizzler contest.

1 – You can enter at if you have a Facebook account.

2 – If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter the drawing.  Click here to get to the contest web page.

When you enter, you just have to tell them where to send the free gift card.  Enter once, and you’ll be in the drawing every day without needing to return.

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day!

Papa John’s Pizza Coupon Code – $12.99 Pizza and Soda

Have you signed up to receive Papa John’s Papa Rewards yet?

You’ll get emails like the one I got today with Papa John’s coupon codes for great deals on Pizza.

Today until May 11th you can use the following coupon code.

Papa John’s Promo Code:T508FP

What do you get with this promo code?

  • Any large pizza*
  • 2 Liter Pepsi product

This offer is good online only at

*The large pizza is for any specialty pizza or a pizza with up to 5 toppings.

Prices may vary in Hawaii or Alaska.

This pizza coupon is not valid with any other coupon or promotion.

You can sign up for Papa Rewards at if you want to receive these emails as well.  Or, you can keep checking for regular updates.

Printable Pizza Coupons

OK, I can admit that Printable Restaurant Coupons 2012 doesn’t have EVERY pizza coupon that is made available.  But, I can help point you all in the direction of other places that do as I try to focus more on casual dining restaurant coupons.

If you click the link below, you will be brought to a page that focuses on providing printable pizza restaurant coupons in your areas.

They have Sbarro coupons, Papa John’s coupons, Domino’s coupons, Marco’s Pizzeria coupons, and coupons for Z Pizza to name a few.

Printable Pizza Coupons

Click the image on the right to get access to any pizza coupons that I may not have provided on

Dave and Busters Happy Hours

Dave and Busters really loves to push the envelope of having a good time. They really take pride in the use of several happy hours, and not all of them are the same.

Dave and Busters Happy Hour

Times vary, but the regular happy hour is after regular working hours.  Stop by Dave and Busters after work and enjoy a half price “adult beverages”.

Happy HourLate Night Happy Hour

Some people cannot make the first happy hour, so Dave and Busters makes it easy on them.  Participating locations have a second hour later in the night when they offer special prices on beer, wine, and cocktails.

Power Hour

If you don’t want to go to Dave and Busters just for the drinks, they have a special “Power Hour” every day.  During the power hour, you can play video games for just $10 during that time period.

As for drink specials and bar food options, each location is different.  You can check the Dave and Busters website or call ahead to find out what your local location has to offer.

Pizza Hut Coupon – Tuscani Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, well the time of the writing it is.  If you are reading this on another day, you might want to hold out on your pasta night with Pizza Hut for a few days.

Tuesdays at Pizza Hut are known as “Tuscani Tuesdays”.

Tuscani Tuesday is a night to enjoy pasta at Pizza Hut.  You can get two different meals for a low price.

The Pizza Hut coupon works for family sized meals or for a party of two.

For $6 you get to choose between one pan of Meaty Marinara or Creamy Chicken Alfredo.  This special comes with 5 breadsticks.

Or, for $10 you can choose the Tuscani Tuesdays family size meal.  $10 gets you 2 pans of meaty marinara or creamy chicken Alfredo.  This also comes with 5 breadsticks.

Both of these Pizza Hut discounts are available every Tuesday for a limited time.  Currently, all you need to do to redeem this special is click the deals portion of the Pizza Hut website and choose the Tuscani Tuesdays special.


KFC Coupons – New York and New Jersey – May 2012

Today’s New York/New Jersey KFC coupons came straight from the KFC web page.

These KFC coupons are good for most participating locations within the New York and New Jersey area.  To be sure if they work in your area you can either call the restaurant you plan on going to, or you can go to the KFC website and search for your zip code to see if you might have any different discounts available.

Here are the May coupons for KFC in New York and New Jersey.  Click to coupon image below the descriptions to bring up a full size image of the printable KFC coupons.

KFC Coupon #1 – $3 off of a 12 piece meal

  • 12 Pieces of Chicken (Original Recipe®, Extra Crispy™, Kentucky Grilled Chicken® or Mixed)
  • Choice of 3 Large Homestyle Sides
  • 6 Freshly Prepared Biscuits

KFC Coupon #2 – $4.49 3 Strips Meal

  • 3 Crispy Strips
  • 2 Individual Homestyle Sides
  • 1 Freshly Prepared Biscuit

KFC Coupon #3 – $29.99 16 piece feast

  • 16 Pieces of Chicken (Original Recipe®, Extra Crispy™, Kentucky Grilled Chicken® or Mixed)
  • Choice of 4 Large Homestyle Sides
  • 8 Freshly Prepared Biscuits

KFC Coupon #4 – Free Large Homestyle Side

  • Free Large Homestyle Side with the purchase of any Family Meal at the regular menu price

KFC Coupon #5 – Free Medium Drink

  • Free Medium Drink with the purchase of a Doublicious™ Sandwich at the regular menu price

KFC Coupon #6 – $2.99 KFC Kids’ Laptop Meal


KFC Coupons – May 2012

These KFC coupons aren’t that new or exciting.  Well they are “new”, but they are the same exact deals as last month.

I’m just posting these so you don’t use the expired printable KFC coupons.

The KFC coupons below will get you the following deals:

  • $2.99 for 4 Honey BBQ Snackers
  • $4.99 for the KFC Famous Bowls Combo – KFC Bowl and a medium drink
  • $5.29 for a 3-Piece Extra Crispy Meal – 3 Pieces of chicken, 2 sides, 1 buttermilk biscuit
  • $6 for 6 Drumsticks and Thighs – Original Recipe, Kentucky Grilled Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Mixed
  • $15.99 for an 8 Piece Mixed Meal – 8 Pieces of Chicken, 1 large mashed potatoes with gravy, 1 large cole slaw, 4 buttermilk biscuits
All coupons expire on June 3.