Papa John’s Tax Relief Coupon – 2012, April

Yes, I’m a Papa John’s Rewards member.  No big deal.  I just get Papa John’s coupons in my email pretty much 3 times a week.  No big deal.  No really, its not a big deal.  You can actually go and sign up yourself for free.

Today Papa Rewards emailed me and I found out about a special that is going on from now until tax day, April 17th.

Papa Rewards is going to give an extra 15 bonus points to the rewards members to use towards a free pizza.  It only takes 40 points to get a free pizza, so I’m sure a lot of you are close right now.

In order to earn points towards free pizzas at Papa John’s, you just have to be a regular customer.  You will earn a point for ever $5 that you spend.  The $5 also includes tax and tips so that you don’t get shafted when paying that out of your pocket.

You can receive double or bonus points throughout the year, like this bonus 15 points, by buying advertised and promotional specials.

Once you have accumulated 40 points, you are eligible for a FREE three topping pizza.  Just head over to at that point and enter the Papa John’s promo code, 40PAPA, when you are ready to make your purchase.

So with all of that being said, I think that those of you that aren’t members of the Papa John’s Papa Rewards program should go and sign up now.  It is free to sign up and you’ll actually save a lot of money over the course of your free membership.

Baskin Robbins Coupon – 2012, April – Google Offers

Who isn’t signed up for Google Offers yet?

This place is awesome.  You get all of Google’s special deals, plus it pulls in specials from other sites like Groupon and LivingSocial.

Last week we got a great deal for Starbucks coupon with Google Offers and today we have a deal for you ice cream lovers.

Baskin Robbins in Toluca Lake (Los Angeles) is teamed up with Double Take Deals to get you half off of a gift certificate.

I never would have heard of Double Take Deals if it wasn’t for Google Offers, probably.

Baskin RobbinsThis Baskin Robbins coupoon gets you a $30 gift certificate for just $15.

With this gift certificate you can enjoy almost anything at this Baskin Robbins location.

You are not just limited to their 31 flavors on hand. You can use the Baskin Robbins voucher to get ice cream sundaes, cakes, novelty treats.  You can even use it for pre-packed quarts, fresh packed ice cream, grab-and-go products, or possibly a delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.

Baskin Robbins even has their new Iced Cappy Blast that you might want to check out.  They are only 99 cents on Wednesdays in April.

There seems to be no rush on this deal, there is actually 40 days left to buy it.  Click here for more informatin.

Papa John’s Coupon – Week of April 10th

Once again, it pays to be a member of the Papa John’s email list.

I received this email today that has a Papa John’s coupon code that gets you any large pizza and a 2-liter Pepsi product for only $11.99.

More Papa John’s coupons can be found on the Papa John’s website under their specials.  You can also find Papa John’s discounts by following the company on Twitter and/or looking in your local newspaper.

The Papa John’s coupon code for this special is T410FP.

This deal expires on April 13th.

Papa John's Online Pizza Coupon

Baskin Robbins – Iced Cappy Blast 99 Cents

Baskin Robbins just sent me an email with a special for a brand new product that they have to offer now.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of bringing new iced coffee type beverages to their stores.  Why not have an ice cream place make a specialty iced coffee.

Baskin Robbins is introducing their new “Iced Cappy Blast” by offering mini sizes for only $0.99 every Wednesday in April.

This is also going to a great cause.  For every Ice Cappy sold, Baskin Robbins will donate another meal to Feed America.

Not interested in buying a cheap Iced Cappy this month but still want to help the cause?

Well, you can help for free.

Baskin Robbins is also donating a free meal to Feed America for every person that likes them on Facebook.  They are offering up to donate 500,000 meals this month, so it only takes a “like” to help them out.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Free Coffee

I keep seeing this one sign in Coffee Bean that I never take advantage of.

Free coffee offer at Coffee Bean

Basically if you buy a $25 gift card at Coffee Bean, you wil get a free beverage from them.

The way I see it, if you are a regular Coffee Bean drinker, you should probably get a $25 card to use whenever you go to this shop.

With that $25 you’ll get a free coffee, iced coffee, ice tea, ice blended drink, etc.

You will spend the $25 eventually, and when you do, just buy a new $25 card and get your free coffee.

This can work for people who are also trying to budget their money. If you want to max your coffee drinking out to $25 or $50 a month, you can buy a gift card and stick to just using that each month.  You’ll get the added bonus of a free coffee.

Red Lobster Deals – Courtesy of Facebook Likes

I wasn’t sure whether or not to include both of these deals because not both of them are actually “Red Lobster Coupons“, but its definitely worth sharing the information at least.  Both of these specials for Red Lobster are available by “liking” them on Facebook.

The first deal is actually a way to get $5 off of any 2 adult entrees to celebrate Lobsterfest. All you need to get this printable Red Lobster coupon is like the Red Lobster fan page and you’ll be eligible for this discount.

Red Lobster Coupon - Facebook Like

Now we also have a sweepstakes with Red Lobster’s Facebook page.

They are giving away Seaside SurPrizes everyday until April 20th.

Seaside SurPrizes include a day at the spa, free Red Lobster gift cards, eReader, designer sunglasses, a set of Adirondack chairs, and more.

To enter this prize, you do not have to sign any forms giving away all of your personal information.  You just need to sign onto Facebook, go to the Red Lobster Seaside Surprize Facebook fan page, and click like.

Red Lobster Seaside SurPrize Sweepstakes - Facebook Like

Pizza Hut Daily Specials

I just got an email from Pizza Hut’s Hut Lovers email with a special for early week meals.

The theme of the email was based around saving money for those that haven’t gotten their tax return yet, so I guess it is sort of timely.

Here are the specials for the early week Pizza Hut discounts:

Mighty Monday – P’zones are only $4.  You can get Supremo, Meaty, or Pepperoni

Tuscani Tueday – Pasta and 5 breadsticks for either $6 or $10.  $6 gets you 1 pan.  1 pan serves 2 people generally.  $10 is the family sized meal.  Family sized meals have 2 pans of pasta.

Wing Wednesday – 50 cent wings…’nuff said

There was no mention of expiration dates, so I’m assuming that this is an ongoing Pizza Hut deal.  These orders are good for online pick up and delivery.  Just go to the Pizza Hut website, click on coupons and specials, and look on the middle of the screen for the daily special.

Domino’s Pizza code – 2012, April

I don’t even remember signing up for the Domino’s pizza text message list, but I must have at some point.

While sitting here blogging away about printable restaurant coupons, I received a text from Domino’s with a great promo code.

The text said:

Any 2 for $5.99 each: Stuffed Cheesy Bread and Medium 2 Topping Domino’s Pizzas (2-Item min). Use code TG2HY7 online.

Reply STOP 2 opt out

I definitely didn’t reply STOP.  I will continue getting these Domino’s Pizza Promo Codes to share with you all.

So according to this text, it looks like you can have any combo of stuffed cheesy bread and/or a medium 2 topping pizza for just $5.99 each.

Walt Disney World – Free Dining Plan

Walt Disney World is so much fun for the family and well, basically anybody who goes there.  If you can’t get a good deal on getting into the parks, it will help if you can find a way to eat for a little less.  Prices are pretty expensive once you are in the parks and don’t have much of an option.

That isn’t to say it is a bad thing that you only have Disney Restaurants as your food options.  There are some amazing restaurants and quick service meals available inside the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Walt Disney World LogoFor those of you planning on staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel on your next trip to Disney World, there is a special going on right now that gets you a FREE Disney Dining Plan if you purchase a non-discounted 5-night/6-day Magic Your Way stay and ticket packages for use from August 25-September 29th.  Packages must be booked by May 18th to qualify.

Please check out this Disney special by clicking here.

Dave and Busters Printable Coupon – Free $10 Game Play

Dave and Busters just sent me a free printable coupon to celebrate this 3 day weekend.

If you haven’t signed up for the Dave and Busters email list, I highly recommend you do.  They continuously send me some great Dave and Busters coupons and let me know about upcoming promotions and special events for their customers.

Today I got was sent a printable Dave and Busters coupon for a free $10 game play card.  I would post my coupon up on the site right now, but it is only valid for one use, and I don’t want a bunch of copies floating around that won’t work for you guys.

However, if you would like your own coupon for a free $10 game play at Dave and Busters, go to the Dave and Busters Rewards part of their website and sign up for the email list.  It is free to sign up, and they aren’t spammy like a lot of other companies.  I get maybe 3-5 emails per month from Dave and Busters, and they usually have something of value in each email.

I bet if you sign up today, they will send you the coupon that I got today for the free $10 game play card.  This deal is valid until the end of the month, April 30th.

And for those of you that don’t like carrying around printed coupons, there is even a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone.  You can bring that in as proof of your coupon eligibility.

Red Lobster Coupons of 2012

Endless Shrimp – $14.99

Red Lobster Seafood Feast – $5 off

Red Lobster 4 Course Feast – $14.99

Red Lobster – Festival of Shrimp

Red Lobster Deals – Courtesy of Facebook Likes

Lobster has forever been a food that people crave and only the rich got to eat.  Then Red Lobster came along and made feasting on lobster affordable to the masses while still keeping it tasting as great as anyone would have expected.

Red Lobster started in 1968 by entrepreneurs Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby.  That is Bill Darden of Darden Restaurants Inc.  Darden also owns and operates Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 Restaurant, and most currently Eddie V’s.  Darden Restaurants have long been known to supply consistently quality meals to their customers over the years.

Red Lobster is always looking to give a great deal to their customers.  In fact, some of you might remember the Red Lobster’s Bottomless Crab legs special that they ran in 2003.  This deal was so good that Red Lobster actually LOST $3 million dollars during the promotion.  Of course they had to drop the campaign to stay in business, but have since brought out the Bottomless Shrimp special to make up for it and not lose all of their profits.

Red Lobster Coupons

I already have a few tricks up my sleeves to find a bunch of coupons for Red Lobster to provide my visitors.  To stay up to date either follow me on Twitter (@CouponsToEat), add a bookmark, or join my newsletter.

New Red Lobster coupons will be added as I find them to the right side of the page under, “Red Lobster” as well as to the top of this article.  As I mention to my guests all of the time, please feel free contact me or leave a comment with any new coupons for Red Lobster that I somehow may have missed.


Texas Roadhouse Coupons 2012

Texas Roadhouse Coupon for Free Appetizer – Ongoing

Dine Early Special – Texas Roadhouse App – Ongoing special

Texas Roadhouse is a great western themed restaurant, with over 320 locations nationwide.  There are Texas Roadhouse restaurants in 46 states currently.

Random fact about Texas Roadhouse…they are actually headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and opened their first restaurant in Clarksville, Indiana.

Texas Roadhouse is known and remembered for their signature bucket of peanuts at every table.  This is a nice diversion from the usual breadbasket that most restaurants keep at the tables to occupy guests while they wait for their food.  Funny thing about the peanuts is the floor gets covered in peanut shells.  The guests kind of add to the scenery by making it seem like a more authentic western restaurant by tossing their peanut shells on the floor.

Texas RoadhouseWith over 320 locations and a solid fan base, a lot of people are surprised to find out that Texas Roadhouse has only been around since February of 1993.  Kent Taylor opened the first restaurant with a goal of having a family restaurant that is both a great steak restaurant as well as a place where people of all ages can go for a fun meal at at a great price.

Texas Roadhouse loves to put on a show for their guests so that they have a memorable visit every time.  Fun is built into the foundation of every Texas Roadhouse.  Staff members are trained to line dance, as they will line dance plenty during their shifts.  They even have authentic Jukeboxes available so you can pick your own music an revel in the western styles.

Texas Roadhouse Coupons

Texas Roadhouse was created with providing a great value to customers as one of their main priorities.  Without a coupon, you can already get a great high quality steak, ribs, etc. for a fairly competitive price.

But, this is a restaurant coupons site, so we will share some coupons for Texas Roadhouse restaurants with you.  Check the links to the right of the page or the top of this post for the most up to date coupons, promotions, and specials at Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

I am on the Texas Roadhouse email list, I check the coupon blogs, Texas Roadhouse Twitter, and have my “people” looking into Texas Roadhouse coupons all of the time.  If I do miss any however, please feel free to post a comment on my site or email me via the contact me page.